Celestial Twinkle: Neptune in Pisces shifts into Retrograde Phase June 16th, 2017

The blur between the physical reality and non-physical reality is strong now. What is real? What is an illusion? What is deceptive?  Neptune in Pisces at 14 degrees stations to go into an introspective phase “Retrograde” on June 16th, 2017.  Neptune in Pisces at its potential brings the message of you are more than your physical body and the Essence of you is eternal.

In astrology, Neptune symbolizes Spiritual, mystical, transcendental, illusions, deceptions, and escapsim. Neptune in Pisces shifting into “retrograde” phase may bring up these themes and more. The urge to escape the situation is strong, experiencing or creating smoke screens may be happening for some people.

During this time, it is possible that unknown anxieties, deep emotions and urge to be in stillness or silence is very strong. Some people may want to escape the pain, worry through substance which will only add to the confusion. Disorientation may also happen for some people as it is not the planet causing this, it is what is occuring within the Collective Consciousness.  It is a wonderful opportunity for reflection, comtemplation, dissolving, being fluid and gentle.

Those who are sensitive are sensing this both during the day and while in dreamstate. Dreamstate activity may be unusually active or still. Odd symbolism may appear. It is best to not jump to conclusions, rather wait for a few more days before clarity happens. Another key theme is “Surrender.” Surrender does not mean passive. In one way, Surrender is aligning with Divine Will and putting the egoic mind in the back seat. Surrender the idea of being in control and “flow” with Life itself. Soften and surrender where you are struggling and in pain. Feel the melting into the arms and heart of the Divine. There is great comfort waiting for you there. Neptune’s transit through Pisces is helping to activate people to return to Spirituality and realize how the non-physical is what makes up the physical reality and body.

One way to work with Neptune shifting into Retrograde is to stay in the here and now while meditating, being in Nature, practicing compassion and forgiveness. Be very gentle and kind towards yourself and others. Lift things up through a soft approach, ask for more guidance in your daily practice as well as going more fully into the heart space for healing.

Allow things to be more fluid than defined until June 20th, 2017. There will be new feelings, unusual experiences for those choosing to tune in. Follow the nudge to be creative through art, photography, writing and healing. Open to receive inspiration and it will flow in.

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