Solstice June 2017, Sun enters Cancer

The Ancients used the Solstice in Astrology as a sacred gateway of tuning into powerful Spiritual Energies. On June 21st, 2017 at 12:24 am EDT the Summer Solstice begins in the Northern Hemisphere. Life is really bustling with external activity and blooming with full force and color. The Solstice gateway is celebrated around the world no matter where you live.

The Sun enters the feeling oriented sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. Therefore the Sun’s symbolic solar light shines on Cancerian themes such as; home, family, security, emotional security, belonging, emotional intimacy, nurturing and nourishing.  The awareness of the Sacred Feminine or Divine Feminine, the womb, fertility and boundless compassion becomes the focal point.

Many have been experiencing deep changes taking place, exhaustion as well as emotional upsets in the status quo of all kinds of relationships (including with self). It is great to explore how secure you feel within yourself, simply by being you and not the hats, roles or status you play or are at.  With these shifts, there is an uprooting from one state of mind or Consciousness into a shifting of another. This may create an upset in the existing comfort zones within yourself. So as the shift occurs, it is  helpful to adjust and become more relaxed into a new way of being and feeling. Give it time, be patient and allow yourself to work through emotions along the way.

The Solstice occurs when the Sun is in Cancer at 00 degrees. This is a powerful time to gather together with those of like-mind and intentions. Joining in a group, the energies streaming in are even more powerful and need to be shared with the Earth and all sentient Beings.

During the Summer Solstice, here in the Northern Hemisphere, the flowers are in full brilliant color, animals are out and about in full activity as well as the urge to be outside in the garden or by a body of water feels just right and so very nourishing. It is helpful to relax and move with the ebb and flow while the Sun remains in Cancer.

Thanks for reading! Wishing each of you a very colorful and nourishing Solstice

© Copyright 2017 ~ Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved


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