Celestial Twinkle: Mercury in Cancer – June 21st, 2017

What I like about Mercury in Cancer is that communication and conversations have the potential to embody gentleness and compassion. Mercury is the planet of communication and the rational mind. The astrological sign of Cancer is a water element and cardinal mode of energy expression. Combine the symbolism and you have the opportunity to be sensitive in the words you use to convey thoughts and ideas as well as how you speak to yourself or others including animals or prayers.

Mercury in Cancer symbolism suggests a more intuitive or fluid approach to perceptions and thinking. It is a refreshing change from being linear and the analysis mode. We could want to think, listen and talk in more fluid ways or move thinking with an ebb and flow rhythm. Normally, the mind tends to jump ahead to finding what it wants to say rather than being present and really receiving during communication. With Mercury in Cancer, the key is receptivity and then directly saying what you need to say.

Although Mercury in Cancer may take a longer time to get to the point, a more sideways motion to than straight to the heart (Mercury in Aries as an example), it has the potential to eventually arrive to its destination in communication. Find ways to digest and assimilate the concepts that hold the most nourishment to your entire being. Allow things to flow even if it is challenging. It’s like following a river and seeing where the driftwood ends up. Make it a fun adventure of curiosity and fluidity within the mind.

It is helpful not to allow emotions to build up or be suppressed otherwise under this transit there may be a more passive/aggressive tone that comes through speech as Mercury moves through the sign of Cancer. If you slow down to listen to your own tone of voice, you will get the signal or notice the irritability which is an indicator its time to process emotions before saying something that may be hurtful to self or another.

On June 27th, 2017,  Mercury in Cancer  will make an aspect “T-Square”  to Jupiter in Libra ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde while making a harmonious aspect to transiting Neptune in Pisces retrograde. There is potential for intensity, depth and powerful feelings to be communicated in conversation and silence. It is the space between the words that will hold a magical energy and feeling of love.

There is potential to transform and shed old perceptions, expose Truth as well as convey what the heart longs for. Someone could say something or share something that evokes more magic, love and delight.  Say what you need to say. Some issues around trust, intimacy and empowerment may arise. The realization that may surface is that it is your own fears you are in conflict with not the other person. You may feel mental pressure to get something done yet there may be a wonderful Synchronicity or flow that brings it all together effortlessly. Trust the process and make best use of this transit!

Then from July 3rd through July 5th, Mercury in Cancer ‘squares’ Uranus in Aries. Sudden, shocking and upsets to the status quo. This suggests the potential for liberation of select perceptions or mental attitudes that are keep you held in restrictive comfort zones. Think in innovative ways, speak with tenderness and transform what is holding you back from being more fluid and assertive in your perception as well as communication. It is possible to feel frantic, erratic thoughts or tension in communication with others. If you have inflamed irritations, you may suddenly unleash the energy. Breathe and slow down to gather your thoughts. At the same time, transiting Mercury in Cancer makes a ‘trine’ to Chiron in Pisces. There is wonderful potential for ease and healing to take place. There may be a healing in perception, or healing and peace that is carried in an idea or communication. Intuitively you will know what will bring healing and have courage to take action on that.

With Mercury’s transit through Cancer, use ideas, concepts, words that nourish your entire being and others. Move delicately with the ebb and flow in conversations. Allow the Divine to inspire you along the way.

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