Overview: New Moon in Cancer – June 23rd, 2017

In astrology the new moon phase represents a time of fresh new beginnings and fertile ground to plant symbolic seeds within the subconscious. On June 23rd, 2017, we arrive to the New Moon in Cancer at 2 degrees.  This symbolism brings the message of honoring the waves and rhythms of life and the emotional level.

The astrological sign of Cancer attunes each to feelings, emotional security, home, family, roots, ancestral lineage, family tree and a sense of belonging. The sign of Cancer is a cardinal mode of energy expression, quite dynamic in its motion when it feels safe to take action and a water element helping one to feel, be more fluid and quench many types of thirst. The New Moon in Cancer has a hidden powerful quality and glimmer to it. Like the sun’s rays on the ocean water at sunrise, an opportunity to receive fresh Spiritual nutrition to feed every part of you, especially on the emotional level.

It may help to take a look at the family dynamics, ancestral patterns and your sense of belonging to the family, Earth family and beyond. The New Moon in Cancer reminds us that comfort zones must evolve and change as one grows or outgrows old shells that no longer fit. Moving towards new horizons quenches a Spiritual thirst for new experiences and an of expansion of love

The Sun and Moon unite in the sign of Cancer during the new moon. They both work together to bring insight and support for you move with the ebb and flow of life. The New Moon in Cancer is the time to “feel” all the rich nuances and express tenderness with self, family and others including the Earth. The sign of Cancer also attunes each to the Sacred Feminine quality. What nourishes your entire Being? Who adds to your passion?

It is a time to feel the beauty, grace, power and great receptivity as well as to embody it more. In this moment, be more present to the potent power that is inherent in being vulnerable. Spiritually, as Soul, being vulnerable has strength and wisdom. It takes strength to express what is in your heart and Soul freely without inhibition or worry. What do you need to provide to yourself to feel relaxed, safe and empowered now?

“Your true nature as Soul, expresses powerful tenderness. With immense compassion the gaps are filled in, questions are answered. The more one knows the strength that is inherent within the vulnerability and openness of the heart and Being, the more one feels in tune with the entire Cosmos.” – Dipali

At the time of the New Moon in Cancer, there will be a stellium of planets in the water element. The Sun and Moon in Cancer (actually known as luminaries not planets), Mercury and Mars in Cancer as well as Neptune in Pisces retrograde.

The key focus with the Stellium in the water element during the New Moon in Cancer will be to “feel” it all, increase in sensitivity, compassion, be fluid, nourish and notice the fertility. Notice how comfortable you are in expressing your feelings, processing your emotions as well as emotional intimacy and being vulnerable. To overcome obstacles now is to flow over and around them while maintaining integrity and alignment with all that is in harmony.

Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated is essential as you are honoring the physical body’s needs. Being around a body of water such as a stream, river, or the ocean will be a beautiful support now. If you are not able to do that, improvise and use a hot bath with sea salts, watch birds in a bird bath, or even listening to ocean waves will help. Anything that attunes you to the water element.

Transiting Mars/Jupiter make a tense connection during this New Moon in Cancer. The symbolism suggests a super creative drive that can help you accomplish or overcome any obstacle once you have a greater objective understanding. The flip side is that there may be an urge to be excessive, over-indulgent or over-extend due to past emotions or reactions you are not acknowledging somewhere from family issues or relationships issues even with self. Moderation and balance is the way to go now.

Venus/Pluto symbolism suggests an earthy sensual vibe. The urge to merge on a physical level and to show tangible ways of being affection is strong. There is an ease being steadfast, realistic and two feet planted on the ground in relating to others. Use the creative energy to make things real such as applying self-worth, values or demonstrating new loving parameters.

Suggested Intentions:
“I AM a Feeling Being”
“I Choose to Flow with Life and Be the Flow itself”
“I AM Tenderness”
“I Choose to Feel with Freedom and Grace”

The New Moon in Cancer brings a message of comfort and tenderness. It is important to feel safe and secure within so you may express the beauty and grace of how you feel in life and with others. Going a bit further into seeing how you digest life experiences as well as emotional experiences. Explore new ways, new things that nourish and nurture your well-being on all levels. Most of all… feel the fluidity and fertility.

Thanks for reading this article. Wishes for a tender and fluid New Moon in Cancer!

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