Celestial Twinkle: Mercury in Leo and Venus in Gemini

This week both Venus and Mercury shifted into new astrological signs. Venus is now in Gemini and Mercury in Leo.With Venus and Mercury transiting through more socially oriented signs, this suggests a greater desire to have social gatherings, lively conversations about heart-warming topics and speak with greater authenticity.

Venus in Gemini at its potential suggests creative expression, intimacy and romance happens and is more appealing through words, ideas and information. Venus in Gemini suggests the interaction to be more communicative, flirty and light. No heavy subjects unless there is a very stimulating piece of information that leads to it. On a romantic front, Venus in Gemini enjoys meeting and greeting but is also desiring to meet the “Other” that fits and clicks just beautifully.

When Venus in Gemini is off-balance; there may be gossip, fickleness, indecision, too many ideas, interests, boredom, being non-committed or straddling the fence and scattered energy. Showing two sides or multiple sides in relationship to fit in and not being genuine.

Mercury in Leo at its potential is boldly speaking with love and authenticity. Have courage to share what you feel and your perspective. This transit of Mercury puts the spotlight on expressing what is in the heart and allowing the Inner Child to express fully too. The transit of Mercury in Leo expresses ideas which promote love, creative expression, playfulness and romance. There may be a lot of sweet talk, flirty notes and laughter that warms the heart and adds a sparkle to things.

When Mercury in Leo is off-balance; dominating others through fixed or rigid way of talking and thinking. Overly dramatic and tantrum like approach in communication. Excessive pride and willfulness that does not allow for others points of view or genuinely listening.

Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Leo provides the potential to engage in meaningful conversations which matter to the heart and Spirit. Exchanging ideas and remaining open and curious is one way to best work with these qualities and energies. Be playful and take action to create space to be more creative and following through on new concepts. Follow the wisdom within, there will be interesting visual insights that help you decide the path to take that best resonates with who you are.

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