Featured: “Stir the Magic of the Heart” – Reading and Mini-Activation

From now until the Solar Eclipse in Leo in August 2017, there will be featured readings and or sessions  that Dipali is guided to share for very short time to help stir the magic of the Heart and open individuals up in a fresh new way. The emphasis now has to shift into an expansive outlook and attuning to the bigger reality of what is possible and higher potentials.

Dipali is known for her stunningly accurate guidance and information for both Astrological Consultations and Spiritual Intuitive Guidance. Her capacity to be a crystal clear compassionate Channel and medium for higher Spiritual Energies. She has gone through many expansions over the last several years which has given access and the honor of bringing in through even more refined higher frequencies. She brings many years of knowledge, precise yet direct guidance and offers it in a very down to earth way. You don’t need to know Astrology to book this session, you simply have to be willing to receive.


  • Few Guidelines:
    ~ Guidance shared is to provide clarity and insights. You are empowered to choose how you would like to use the guidance given.

    ~ Client Calls Dipali’s for the duration of the Reading.

    ~ Must be over 21 years of age and over to schedule
    ~ No Refunds (Please be sure you are ready and willing to show up)
    ~ 48 hour rescheduling policy in effect upon confirmation
    ~ Dipali has the right to decline any appointment if she is given the guidance that working together not an optimal fit.

“Stir the Magic of the Heart”  Reading and Spiritual Mini-Activation
45 minute Reading by Phone and Remote Mini-Activation

45 minute Reading by Phone with Dipali
Whether you want guidance and clarity around the upcoming Lunar or Solar Eclipse in August 2017, have pressing concerns about any life transitions, or matters of the heart and relationships, this very special Reading and Activation is designed to provide the very best support and uplift in ways that will activate new frequencies and energies for your evolution and to help open you to new way of being.  [Be concise with your focus or questions so the time in the session may be use efficiently.]

Bonus Free Mini Activation:
The higher Spiritual Activation brings in brand NEW frequencies that are beyond this Earth and Creation. This particular “mini-activation” is focused on the intention of: “Opening to Greater Embodiment” it will help with being in the physical body, embodying love, rejuvenation and alignment with making real potentials and intentions in a different way as the Earth is evolving. This mini-activation is something that will help you in ways the mind is not able to conceive.  — This type of activation has never been offered before so it is very special powerful and sacred offering added to this Featured Reading.  (The Opening to Greater Embodiment Full Session is normally $150.00 USD)

Special Fee: $195.00 USD  (valued at $295.00 USD) 

— [LIMITED OFFER until July 23rd, 2017]

Use Dipali’s Online Booking System LINK to Submit Information, Make Payment via PayPal.com, Schedule

You must Submit the Code to receive the savings: JOY17
This code expires by July 23rd, 2017 –  12 midnight EDT

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