Overview: New Moon in Leo – July 23rd, 2017

There are fresh new opportunities each month during the lunar phase of the New Moon. The New Moon in Leo is at 1 degree on July 23rd, 2017 and there is a stellium (group of planets) in Fire signs. With the New Moon in Leo, there is potentially a feeling of being fired up and passionately pursuing new experiences that excite the heart.

The Moon is in the creative dramatic sign of Leo. Leo is a fire element and a fixed mode of energy expression. The Moon in Leo at its potential, expresses wisdom, innocence and heart-felt courage.  Key themes of love, romance, passion, playfulness, creative projects and being bold in expressing one’s unique style are prominent now. Expressing love and happiness without reason or because of anyone or anything, is a part of the potentials of Leo. It is seeing life through a lens of amazement. So let your imagination expand and be daring, you won’t know if you don’t experiment.

The Sun and Moon unite in a joint focus in the sign of Leo to help symbolically energize new “creative expression.” The New Moon in Leo at its potential experiences life through sweet innocence of a child. Therefore, use new colors, textures, visuals and sounds to help ignite passion and be playful.

This New Moon in Leo makes a close conjunction to transiting Mars in Leo. This symbolism suggests taking assertive passionate action to make dreams come true. Individuals may feel fired up and be joyful, confident, dramatic or simply hot headed and dominating. It’s possible to feel hyper or short fused. It depends on how one chooses to utilize the potentials.

With Mercury’s transit through Leo in with the Sun/Moon and Mars in Leo, it makes sense to use the courage inherent in the symbolism of Leo towards having heart-felt connections to build intimacy than to burn bridges. Being real and authentic is one key theme. For some people, romance, love and flirtations may be prominent. There may be spontaneous yet stimulating interactions during this time.

Under the potential of the New Moon in Leo, if you wanted to bring greater healing and trust in developing a stronger relationship with the Inner Child (the innocent loving part of you full of wonder, imagination and joy), the New Moon in Leo creates a space for you to take bold solid action. The steps forward with the Inner Child may be easier and more simple than you can imagine. Breakthroughs are possible now through major shift in perception.

Other Astrological Transits worth noting:

Jupiter in Leo ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde is still underway. This symbolic intensity and drive for powerful and lasting change in relationships of all kinds is so prominent. Roles and definitions of relationships are being re-arranged. Trust and power issues are surfacing. Everything that is in need of dramatic change is coming up. With this symbolism, for those genuinely working on things, you may see a birthing of relationships, things and projects begin to make itself known in the physical world over the next two months.

The icing on the New Moon in Leo cake is (few days before up to a day or so after); transiting Mercury in Leo ‘Trine’ Uranus in Aries. This symbolism suggests: sudden electric surprises, bursts of unusual communication which may warm the heart, and romantic encounters. Also possible are extra stimulating interactions showing that the Universe is providing insights, and green signals to go ahead, urging you towards greater freedom in ways beyond what the egoic mind thinks.

It is such an exciting time. Energies are being stirred up in a big way. People are being called to shift and make big courageous leaps in fresh new ways outside of the old vision and comfort zones. If you are looking for change or really willing to take the next step in being empowered and responsible for making real your potentials yet need a some help, consider this

The New Moon in Leo is an invitation towards being an active participant in your life. There may be bold new ideas and visions, yet you have to have courage to take a step outside of the known and welcome the mystery of the unknown. Working alongside the inner child and your Wisdom Self/Soul and venture towards new horizons now. There may be some minor adjustments along the way from the fixed idea into a more fluid approach that deepens faith in the bigger picture of your life.  The New Moon in Leo provides the symbolic warming up of passion, heart, joy and an excitement for what is to come.

Suggested Intention:
“I AM willing to act with courage.”
“I choose to express love freely, without conditions or strings.”
“I AM joy.”


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