Celestial Twinkle: Venus in Cancer – July 31st, 2017

The planet that symbolizes love, affection and creativity, Venus enters the comfort oriented sign of Cancer on July 31st, 2017.  Cancer is a water element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. Therefore Venus in Cancer is about an active approach towards that which is nurturing.

Although the astrological sign of Cancer likes to move in a round about approach (sideways than direct) it being a cardinal mode of energy expression, brings the best of both worlds. A gentle yet direct round about approach towards the goal.

Venus in Cancer at its potential is about nourishing our being and relationships as well as feeling a deep sense of belonging. We may want to examine our Ancestral or lineage roots as well as blessings received and patterns left behind from our ancestors. There are a lot of insights to be gained and understood now.

This transit of Venus attunes each towards feeling sentimental and searching for emotional security and comfort. Who or what values us that we feel at total ease in feeling secure and cozy when we are around them or it? It could be a animal companion or a favorite tree. We are invited to take a closer look at what or who we are investing our care, energy and attention into. What is being nurtured? Are we moving on auto-pilot in relationship with self or others?

Venus in Cancer also brings up the question “Are my emotional needs or needs being met in this relationship (with self, others) both personal and business? In the romance department, Venus in Cancer goes by the feeling that is evoked by a great home cooked meal that was done with love or having dinner by the Ocean or poolside with candles and soft blankets. We want the comfort of knowing that we can be authentically ourselves with the significant “other” and that the amazing memories we create, we will cherish them forever.

From August 11th – August 18th
Right on time as this will be the aftermath of the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde begins. People from the past or major issues from the past resurface either to make amends, resolve or provide more information so choices can be made. Best to slow down and listen….really deeply listen.

Venus in Cancer will make a ‘tense connection’ to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra. This potential suggests big opportunities for growth, transformation and deepening trust in relationships of all kinds. It is possible old emotional reactions surface which may create prickly sensations or bring up a past fear or issue. Examine where communication issues need to be transformed. There will be Human Angels (Divine Grace) on standby offering loving support if you have an expansive vision to see them being of support or you may need to reach out and ask for the support you need. This dynamic T-Square suggests a driving need to move with the ebb and flow to birth something new or create new healthier roots somewhere that we will feel totally nourished on all levels.

It is possible for power struggles or plays happening as egoic mind creates drama or resistance to what is being triggered. Deep purge and elimination may be required on many levels to wring out the the psychic sponge and feel lighter and more freedom. This transit may also point the way towards where love is being entangled by too many expectations and judgments or no accountability.  Pay attention to what comes up emotionally, be there more fully and practice going with the flow yet maintain healthy boundaries.

August 21st – August 25th:
Right on the heels of the Solar Eclipse in Leo…

Venus in Cancer ‘Square’ Uranus in Aries retrograde. This symbolism suggests expect the unexpected and let the old conditions which inhibit love, compassion and directness fade away. An unexpected catalyst may activate a powerful awareness. There is also potential for greater emotional freedom to express in a more courageous way in relationships. Have awareness around passive/aggressive tendencies as well as taking the sideways approach when a more simple direct approach will solve things sooner.

The inner tension shows where we may limit ourselves around love, money, creative expression or confidence. Where do we feel too timid or shy? Where do we need to be more loving and be sensitive to others than selfish? What needs to be transformed for greater maturity and growth around love and relating? There are a few questions to ask now. Feel the emotions rather than letting things explode. Venus/Uranus transit provides the insight for greater authentic expression and freedom to be uniquely you.

Venus in Cancer attunes us to the ebb and flow of the nature of relationships. There is a time to be fluid and there is a time for the choppy waters of growth. With right mixture, there is potential for expansion and deep love in ways that are new and exciting.

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