Overview: Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius – August 7th, 2017

The idea of something or relationship, past vision or hope for a particular type of future comes to an end or closure. And may be quite literal or symbolic during the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius at 15 degrees. Mentally you may be ready to leap into action to change things up. Yet, emotionally you may need to play catch up. Be patient and encourage yourself rather than forcing.

The sign of Aquarius is an air element, fixed mode of energy expression. Aquarius tends to symbolize future, experiment, eclectic and friendships of like mind. The Moon in Aquarius symbolizes objectivity and feeling more detached or a need for greater emotional freedom to express yourself.  This Full Moon; the Sun is in Leo ‘opposition’ to the Moon in Aquarius suggests the importance to balance the “mind and heart” so they work together towards the common goal or intention rather than remaining in conflict.

Lunar Eclipse phase tends to symbolize major endings, closures, finalization, conclusion whether it is literal or symbolic. It can feel like a pretty wild energy as the Lunar Eclipse symbolism melds with the Full Moon and thus the emotional level tends to send out choppy waves as the past has to be washed away. There may be past ‘frozen’ fears and emotions that will have to melt in order to process and alter things for a brighter future.

During the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius, yes, emotions may tend to be erratic and move high and low thus analyzing may feel more comfortable yet not the best approach now. Being too dry or detached will not help the flushing out and forgiveness part of the process.

Transiting Mars in Leo makes an aspect to the Full Moon in Aquarius this suggests a strong desire to impulsively take action or express things in a big way. The possibility of blowing hot and cold emotionally is par for the course. Take a closer look at which sub-personality emerges (persona or mask) to help cover up or keep the old habits or reactions in tact. You may find tremendous insight as you observe yourself and emotions during interactions with others during the few days before and few days after.

Action(s) or behaviors of others may also happen to be odd or quirky, not what you expect during the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius. Things could become heated or agitations stir the pot. Through the interaction you may become aware of what you were unconscious about within self (habit or pattern that may need to transform). It is helpful to remain fluid than too rigid or stubborn (which the egoic mind may find more cozy) locked in a power struggle.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra makes a ‘trine’ aspect to the Moon in Aquarius. This symbolizes there is an ease in being on the receiving the generosity or kindness of others providing the nourishing support required to forgive and let go emotions of the past. Remember, Jupiter/Pluto-Rx transit is still active therefore, as you acknowledge and deepen trust that life is supporting you, you will notice and draw more of that frequency showing up around you. For some people, old fears around relationship, love, money and basic needs may be surfacing for transformation. Let go and surrender into the process. Resistance now will impede emotional growth.

In order to assimilate and or reflect, you may need to emotionally disengage from distractions of all kinds. Provide yourself the time and space required to gain and draw out the pertinent insights and wisdom of the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius. Rather than living in the future, live for today. Rather than hoping for the future to be a certain way, take part in being a real part of the process. The power rests in this moment and thus each is challenged to remain in the body than drift away in the mind during this phase. And…feel all that needs to be felt, do it with compassion.

Suggested Intention:
“I AM willing to express my uniqueness”
“I embrace my future while living in the present moment”
“I choose to nurture healthy perceptions and thoughts”

The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius heralds a time for closure. Keep letting go until there is proper space created. One chapter in your Book of Life ends. And as you turn the page, soon a new chapter begins.

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