Overview: Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo – August 21st, 2017

This new moon has been given a bright spotlight in the news and a lot of people talking about it, both in a positive way and for some based in fear or anxiety. Not only is the New Moon in the dramatic and royal sign of Leo, there is also a total Solar Eclipse and it is making an aspect to the Galactic Center as well as making a fabulous easy aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries retrograde. The Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo at 28 degrees on August 21st, 2017. This is the time to follow the brilliant colors within the heart, the guidance of Soul to the Stars and bringing back to Earth all the new possibilities.

From my perspective, the symbolism with the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo, suggests that is is an extraordinary time to make some quantum leaps in your personal world. Whatever allows for liberation, for greater freedom and expression of your natural talents and creative gifts, reach for it.  Now is not the time to procrastinate. One main key around this time is “reaching for Soul-level joy.”

During this new moon phase, Sun and Moon are united at a team with the focus in the fiery sign of Leo bringing light to the potentials reminding you that you are a creative being that is feeling courage and confidence. The Astrological sign of Leo is a fire element (dynamic, impulsive, action oriented) and a fixed mode of energy expression (concentration, may finish things, steady in one sense).

This sign brings the wisdom of listening to and acting on the guidance of the heart and Soul. There is an innate sense of joy that radiates and magnetizes. When one chooses to act from this energetic space and frequency, there may be amazing experiences that materialize. Remember, the heart energy center/chakra radiates energy (expression) and magnetizes (becomes a beacon) and when this two way channel is open and flowing, there is optimal health (for the physical body and heart) and creative expression including more love which flows.

With the Solar Eclipse symbolism during a new moon phase, there are potentials for turbo-charged new beginnings and fresh starts. Something new and unusual is being birthed either literally or symbolically. If you choose to align with this it is more full of aliveness rather than giving power to any superstition about solar eclipses. Eclipses (nor any other astrological transits) are not only one day event, like a sale at your favorite store.

In a way, you may view a transit such as a New Moon or Full Moon or any other major transit as energy building, peak energy and then dissipating or unfolding.  Solar eclipse potential unfolds over a 12 month period but one may notice the themes few days before the actual date of the eclipse. Therefore pay attention to the themes being active and alive in some form and make choices accordingly.

The New Moon in Leo suggests being playful, creative and committed to the Inner Child (creative project or physical children) as well as igniting more romance. It would be wonderful to approach the New Moon with a sense of innocence, playfulness and being carefree. Pay close attention to the needs that the Inner Child relays to you. It is possible to be drawn to new colors which enliven your life in various ways.

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo is making a ‘trine’ aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries retrograde plus aligning with the Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius (center of the galaxy). This suggests extending into a new way of experiencing “Self” beyond the old limited identity. The ways of defining self are no longer applicable. Therefore, some individuals may be in between discovery phase of what is emerging.

As the old is falling away, things may feel a bit jumbled and unsettled. Questions arise. Doubts creep in. Keep steady in faith that there is more potential for joy of your being to express boldly. Be curious and expand awareness around you to witness the breath-taking beauty of what life is bringing in your life. The changes that are taking place on a microcosm level (individual) are also happening on a macrocosm level (universal and beyond).

Other Astrological Transits worth noting now:

Mercury is Retrograde in the sign of Virgo and will move back into 28-29 degrees of Leo (re-activating the degree of the Solar Eclipse in Leo) by tail end of August into early September as it goes direct. This shift brings with it the symbolism of being more vocal, lively and expressive in sharing what you feel in your heart and Soul with another. Or you may find yourself receiving amazing news and unexpected visit from someone from the past who could be a part of the future. The mental energy may want to learn through visuals, think in creative ways as well as practice having the courage to “think like and be a Leader.” Allow time for the nervous system to decompress and know that what appears to be delays is the opportunity for slowing down. Move with the potential with the phase than fighting it.

Mercury/Uranus-Rx certainly will bring unexpected delights, conversations, information and sudden realizations or revelations may occur since it is making a positive aspect with one another. I would not be surprised if or there were significant declaration or realizations of being in love with another as the sign of Leo does symbolize heart related topics; romance, love, laughter, joy and creativity. There may be an ignition of romance or a creative project. There is potential for ease in breakthrough from something that has been in a holding pattern for a long time.  As Mercury in Leo shifts into Direct motion and by the second or third week of September, some energies may feel more settled into a new order. Be patient with the timing even as you feel restless or hyper.

By August 26th, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius at 21 degrees shifts into Direct motion. This symbolizes its time to become more serious in putting into application higher education and concepts. Test out the ideas to see if they stand up in reality. One key is integration. If you learn something, integrate it into daily life, don’t just store it as book knowledge. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is about sustaining the joy in life through the ups and down, remaining steadfast and aligned with the bigger picture of your life Spiritually as well as deepening faith and perseverance.



Suggested Intentions:
“I AM a creative being honoring and expressing my higher potentials”
“I AM love itself, flowing through my daily choice, actions and behaviors”
“I Choose to express the uniqueness and honor another person’s uniqueness”
“I Choose to honor and commit to nurturing my relationship with my inner child”

Thanks for reading this article. May you honor and follow the rainbow of colors towards new horizons of the heart-space during the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo.

All the best!

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