Overview: Full Moon in Pisces September 6th, 2017

The Full Moon is in Pisces at 14 degrees on September 6th, 2017 right on the heels of Mercury in Leo shifting into Direct Motion making a ‘trine’ aspect to Uranus in Aries retrograde. It may feel like a mental and emotional jumble for a few more days as energies begin to clear out. There is an urgency to make a statement or be crystal clear about the intention and action required.

The potential of the Moon in Pisces is being in tune with the Cosmic subtleties and energy currents. Pisces is a water element and mutable mode of energy expression therefore it makes for an ultra-sensitive time for feelings and emotions. The urge to escape and dream or immerse yourself in the realm of imagination and peace is strong now.

The Full Moon phase highlights that which has been tucked away in the corners or caverns within the subconscious and brings emotional awareness. Let go of that which no longer serves you. Emotions may run high and low or tears may flow without a lot of pressure.

During this full moon phase, the Sun in Virgo opposition to Moon in Pisces suggests symbolic push/pull between what is practical and the Spiritual, between the details and the bigger picture. Relax and allow things to unfold.

Mercury in Leo is now in direct motion at 28 degrees making a bold easy aspect, a ‘trine’ to transiting Uranus in Aries retrograde. This suggests sudden liberation of perception, new bold ideas, fresh ways of solving issues and potential for cutting edge ideas to be expressed. Over the next week or so, there is potential for out of the blue conversations and heart-felt expressions. Have courage and be assertive in your approach.

New information pathways are being symbolically activated and you can use this potential to instill new perceptions and ways of thinking. Think like a genius and let go of fixed ideas to allow space for unusual solutions or creative energy to reveal the bigger picture.

Transiting Mars is in the realistic sign of Virgo. This transit of Mars helps to “put ideas into pragmatic action through attentiveness to details.” Each increment matters as does being ethical and efficient for effective results.

The Full Moon in Pisces reminds each to flow with the Cosmic currents, trusting that Soul helping each to navigate choppy waters or move through confusion and uncertainty. A key theme now is “compassion for self.” Through compassion for self and put into action, that same compassion is expressed for others and all of life.

What may be revealed during the full moon is where you thought you were compassionate towards yourself while self-sacrificing for others yet what becomes clear is how that sacrifice was costing you your life-force and creating emotional pain in unhealthy ways for an extended period of time.

It is too easy to jump into feeling compassion or even pity for other people’s suffering  or emotional pain all the while ignoring or avoiding compassion for self. And more importantly, ignoring your own suffering and pain. Begin with simple practice of compassion for yourself. Do not make excuses, just be in the area where you know you need to feel compassion.

The Full Moon in Pisces illuminates where you may need to be soothing, gentle and feel compassionate with yourself where you feel the open wound. Bring forgiveness and surrender the story that the egoic mind replays to keep the pain alive. Keep the story to share the wisdom and be a loving space for others who are moving through similar life lessons.

The discombobulation will smooth out in a few days, so be patient if there are situations which provoke short fuses or emotional upsets. People may be very “It is all about me (inner child or egoic mind)” oriented right now which is different than compassion for self.

Embody the quality of gentleness and acceptance that being present to the suffering and really feeling things through will help fade the pain. Avoiding this step will prolong the misery. The Full Moon in Pisces helps each to dissolve the illusion of what appeared healthy to revealing what is healthy and life-giving.

Even though you may not want to hear it, patience and conscious breathing will help you move over and around bumps in the road now. The rest of September 2017 brings really big changes. More on this soon.

Happy Full Moon in Pisces…surrender what is no longer in harmony with your highest good.

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