Celestial Twinkle: Full Moon in Aries – October 5th, 2017

There may be a lot to talk about during this Full Moon in Aries at 12 degrees on October 5th, 2017 as transiting Mercury in Libra is making a close aspect.  This full moon is known as the Harvest Moon. This is a wonderful time to bask in gratitude as to enjoy the harvest of what has materialized in life. It is possible that we take a closer look at or have conversations around giving and receiving, relationships, the I/WE consciousness, as well as the need of being with someone verses being independent. Using patience and honoring Divine Timing will greatly support the process.

From my perspective, this full moon is full of possibilities to work through the details or the nooks and crannies of what or who is creating conflict or discord. And then, to zero in on, establishing healthy ways to cooperate with other(s). Use the potentials of this Aries Full Moon to refine and become more efficient at relating your feelings as well as being realistic with your expectations. Slow down to listen and be receptive.

Since full moon phase tends to illuminate that which is buried, tucked away and stored on a symbolic shelf in the crevices of the subconscious, the Full Moon in Aries invites each towards reclaiming their sassy spontaneous and courageous aspect. But first, through a frustrating situation or issue, we become aware of where we give power over to someone/something or feel powerless.

During this Full Moon phase, the Sun is in Libra opposition to Moon in Aries which suggests seeking to strike a balance between the “I and We” needs in any given partnership. Share what your needs are and honor your partners needs too. Establishing the union of action and cooperation working towards a common goal which is harmony in action.

Aries is a fire element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. This astrological sign is dynamic and action oriented. The Moon in Aries symbolizes a need to have courage to ask for what you want and take action to change things that are no longer working. Being independent and honoring individuality is a part of the Moon in Aries. Nurturing self or others happens through taking bold spontaneous action.

Transiting Mercury in Libra ‘conjuncts’ the Sun in Libra while making an opposition to Moon in Aries. This symbolizes conversations or communications about love, conflict resolution, sharing of ideas and ways to create more harmony. Someone from the past may re-appear and express how they feel and open up. Find ways to speak directly with compassion and stay neutral or remain on middle ground. Tension may be present yet you have a choice as to whether you want to react or respond.

There is a inconjunct between Mercury/Neptune-Rx which suggests adjustments and redirecting perceptions from cloudy fuzzy state into a more clear higher perspective. Take extra care to be precise while communicating and relating emotions. Become clear within yourself before you go to explain or over compensate for another.

Also happening, Venus and Mars in Virgo. This supports the idea of conversations plus grounded action on resolving differences for effective change. This has potential for healing rifts in relating with males and females. There may be a strong urge to be physically affectionate and close with someone you love and trust.

Building: Venus/Saturn tension oriented aspect symbolizes taking responsibility. This transit suggests it is best to be realistic about implementing faith and strengthening commitment for the long-term. Let go of scarcity and low-self worth and transform any limiting beliefs coming up around this time. Although there is tension, symbolically this suggests maturity, growth and patience. Keep building toward

The Full Moon in Aries surely contains and carries a singular focus combative fire that may be used to overcome obstacles or clash with anyone or anything that stands in the way of independence.

Later, (on Thursday) as the Moon in Aries ‘squares’ Pluto in Capricorn, old chronic emotions and agitations are stirred up for clearing away. It can feel like an internal fear or limitation coming up with heat and intensity. Be with it, breathe through it, be assertive and patient. Allow everything to run its course.

During this building up to and few days after the Full Moon in Aries, emotions may run hot (anger, prickly energy, rage, need to dominate or wage war) or luke warm (need to increase fire element energy to be assertive. Though during a Full Moon, there is illumination of whatever has been carefully packaged and put away in the subconscious.

Following the Full Moon in Aries (on Friday) the Moon in Aries makes a dynamic aspect to Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries retrograde which suggests very large or sudden emotional turbulence or disruptions. Shake anxiety loose. There is potential for freedom with focus on timing. It is possible to see an issue that is very much off-balance. We just won’t be able to ignore it. The recommendation would be to not lead with pent up emotions or aggression. Place your intention on cooperation, win/win outcomes and the best way to implement new ideas or ways so all benefit. Conflict resolution skills will be handy now.

One way to embrace the message and energy during the Full Moon in Aries is to be an active participant in processing emotions, nourishing self and other as well as having confidence to move forward trusting Spirit to guide the path least traveled.

The Full Moon in Aries reminds each of us to nurture the fiery Spark and passion within and encourage the child-like curiosity and wonder. A strong urge to be spontaneous and headstrong to exercise the muscle of individuality even in relationships. It is time to utilize the Inner Compassionate Warrior Archetype to help each person address the matters of the heart and to restore beauty, harmony and courage.

Thanks for reading! Happy Harvest Full Moon in Aries.


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