“Deeper Meaning and Expansion of Truth” -Jupiter in Scorpio Transit October 2017 -November 2018

Transiting Jupiter is now in the highly creative and passionate sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a water element and a fixed mode of energy expression. At times, the sign of Scorpio is so subjective and emotionally driven that an objective person may have to offer insight to provide clarity. Jupiter in Scorpio at its potential is extracting deeper meaning to life and interactions as well as an expansion of higher Truth. There is an all or nothing tone to this transit and it may take a bit of practice to find the middle ground.

Jupiter in astrology symbolizes expansion of consciousness, higher knowledge and education, benevolence, the quest for meaning, purpose and service work. Jupiter also symbolizes big vision. With Jupiter in Scorpio, there is a blend of magnification with an X-ray vision. Imagine that. Not much remains buried or hidden during this transit. The deep, dark, ugly, shameful, guilt-ridden and extremely out of balance is extracted for healing, understanding and evolution.

Jupiter in Scorpio brings its own “anti-venom” built in. Think of it as Divine Grace expressing fierce grace in action with potential for a very uplifting outcome. Think of this time frame an amazing time to regenerate, let go, purge and experience profound emotions and psychological catharsis. It is a phase of letting go in BIG ways with the purpose of transformation as well as lightening the psychological load. So any fears, addiction, compulsion that are ready and have been creating problems could be addressed.

Some potential themes or topics during this transit are:  power, empowerment, control, addiction, death, rebirth, resurrection, sex, taboo subjects, Mysteries of life and the hidden realms as well as profound emotional intimacy. Of course legacies, inheritance issues, and other people’s money are also included.

Jupiter in Scorpio will bring incredible wisdom and expand consciousness in many ways during the transit. The laser beam like intensity of Scorpio will help each get to the heart and core of any issue or situation to extract the Truth. Trust will be another major theme now both in intimate relationships as well as business partnerships and even what one inherits through Ancestral lineage after a loved one such as a father or mother dies and leaves the physical body into Spirit.

There could be major issues around joint finances relating to guilt, debts and property. Hidden patterns around addiction, control, fear and power may surface too. Sex addiction and emotional trauma also will have to be addressed. Grief and unhealthy emotional attachments will also bring insight and understanding as a part of Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio.  Look for ways to effectively heal the core rather than sit or give your power to sitting in overwhelm.

One major aspect “Cosmic Kiss” aspect that Jupiter in Scorpio makes is a “Trine” to transiting Neptune in Pisces. There are 3 major connections the first exact one is in December 2017 and two more in 2018. The Jupiter trine Neptune transit is one to utilize rather than letting it simply feel good and pass right by. From my perspective, it is possible for there to be more synchronicity, compassion, other worldly or dimensional experiences. People may care for one another in fresh new ways within the community. It is also possible tremendous expansion of ease and harmony in feelings of bliss, deep abiding love, trust, hope, as well as amazing magical experiences. Both Jupiter and Neptune are in water signs therefore the experiences may involve the feeling body and emotional levels. Look for a broadening of horizons and growing sense of Spiritual level of feeling inter-connectedness.

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