Overview: Full Moon in Taurus – November 3rd -4th, 2017

There is a deep, compassionate and romantic energy surrounding the Full Moon in Taurus at 12 degrees on November 3rd-4th, 2017 (depending on your timezone). The Full Moon phase ushers in the symbolism of illuminating issues and emotions tucked away within the subconscious as well as bringing things to fruition. And Taurus is an earth element and fixed mode of energy expression. The sign of Taurus brings the quality of steadfastness which helps in times of big changes and alterations.

During this time, the Sun is in Scorpio “opposition” to Moon is in Taurus bringing up the polarity of personal values and worth and how others value you and express your worth. Both astrological signs are fixed energy mode of expression therefore it is possible for a stubborn “tug-of-war” if some old emotional wounds or reactions surface to be healed and worked through.

There is an element of ‘dare to step outside of the comfort zone.’ Do something you would normally not do or express. State it clearly to the Universe. Be willing to take the steps and not just wish for the ideas to somehow materialize.

The Full Moon in Taurus invites each practice self-worth, value and detachment of earthly possessions as well as deciding on who or what to invest energy, money and care into. The astrological sign of Taurus enjoys the process of building, sculpting, savoring and so to use the Full Moon in Taurus to savor feeling worthy. Take it in, be with it, feel it in the body, emotions, mind and Spirit (already knows). If there is past residue covering up the worthiness and value, cleanse it away through feeling the emotions and letting go of the fixed idea or expectation of the past.

Taurus Full Moon may bring up how you voice your choice and truth. Pay close attention to the throat and tones as that may provide clarity to you now regarding habits, emotions and your self-worth and value. Be willing to change and grow.

Additional Astrological Transits:

The Sun in Scorpio makes a ‘trine’ to transiting Neptune in Pisces retrograde and the Moon in Taurus making a ‘sextile’ to Neptune in Pisces retrograde. This suggests an easy to access deep compassionate, realistic and possibly romantic energy during this time. Certainly there will be a yearning to merge with another and share on deep levels to increase intimacy and emotional bonding. If you need to bring forgiveness and let go, this would be the perfect transit to support you to honor and value yourself and others. There could be insight into concrete steps in materializing now.

Jupiter in Scorpio makes a wide “opposition” to Moon in Taurus. This suggests a magnified view of your emotions and power relating to (or lack thereof) the mother, one who nurtured you growing up or relationships any females in your life. Through interaction, old emotions or tendencies may emerge for transformation and re-balancing. The challenge is to go deeper into Spiritual acceptance and forgiveness to release the power struggle.

Uranus in Aries ‘trine’ Saturn in Sagittarius. This suggests ease in actively bringing innovative ideas into form. Follow the passionate fiery energy of Spirit guiding you towards unusual ways of feeling joy, stepping outside of the norm, creating a new structure which allows for greater freedom.

Jupiter in Scorpio is beginning its “Trine” aspect to Neptune in Pisces retrograde as well. There may be mystical, Spiritual, magical experiences, dream symbolism, connections happening with ease and Divine Grace. Feelings, compassion, kindness, imagination may feel amplified for the entire month of November into December 2017.

There is another interesting transit happening with the Full Moon in Taurus. Transiting Venus in Libra building to an “opposition” to Uranus in Aries (while Uranus is ‘trine’ Saturn in Sagittarius). Expect the unexpected, sudden encounters, exciting romantic interludes and out of the blue surprises from someone or something in the external world. Keep an open mind and allow for spontaneity and last minute adjustments.

The Full Moon in Taurus brings the message to slow down and take your time to savor the luscious experiences with loved ones. There is a dreamy Spiritual energy interwoven to the full moon energy. This is a great time to express your feelings and soothe yourself with rich healing. Find realistic ways to increase the feeling of self-worth, values and appreciation for who or what is in your life.

Suggested Intentions Full Moon in Taurus:
“I AM deeply present and feel worthy of love and prosperity”

“I AM realistic with my intentions and follow through on ideas”

“I choose to value myself, body, relationships and all that is important to my path”


Happy Full Moon in Taurus.
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