Celestial Twinkle: Mars in Sagittarius

Mars is now transiting through the happy go lucky sign of Sagittarius. The quest is on to explore the meaning of life and allow our actions to ignite others to lift them towards their higher purpose.

Mars in Sagittarius suggests actions based in faith and acting on our passion (zest) for living life to the fullest. Sagittarius is a fire sign, therefore its time to be active and pursue the  meaning of life. Where can we expand our base of knowledge and horizons. We may be drawn to other cultures, rituals, ceremonies and people from all walks of life.

Mars Square Neptune transit (Feb. 12th -19th) may activate the need to dissolve old doubts and lingering false beliefs. It is possible to feel confused, fatigue, disappointed and disillusioned. The challenge is to grow and surrender the belief that is generating the tension. Allow tears to flow and help bring peace. Rise above the difficulty and have faith in the bigger picture of life. For Valentine’s Day, let yourself have minimal expectations and choose to create relaxation and feel the love that flows endlessly in life rather than squeezing it out from a person whom may not have the full capacity to demonstrate the love you may need now. The urge for peace and tranquility is strong.

Mars Trine Uranus (Mar. 6th – March 12th) suggests bold, dynamic and exhilarating drive to accomplish and explore new horizons. Sudden, unexpected delights and surprises helps to ignite faith and the knowing there is a Cosmic plan unfolding. Being spontaneous and acting on the unusual ideas that may be streaming in keeps the inventive juices flowing. The desire to be free and roam is strong now. Go take some type of action on your vision.


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