Overview: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Jan. 31st, 2018

If I were to wrap up this Full Moon phase in one celestial bundle it would go like this. This Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 11 degrees is also a Super Moon and a Blue Moon therefore there is an expansive feeling to it all. We are being activated on many levels and in a fairly powerful way. Emotions may move high and low, like the tides of the Ocean. Watch for the old emotional habits which pull you backwards rather than moving ahead. One key theme now is having the courage to open to greater self-love.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo suggests a time where there are significant symbolic or literal ending of a chapter of life, closure of an idea or issue and completion of a relationship. The Lunar Eclipse continues to unfold over a six month period from the actual date.  The Sun is in Aquarius while opposing the Moon in Leo suggesting a time to strike a balance between the heart and mind, passion and freedom, fire and air.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo suggests the affairs of the heart and mind, focus on the inner child and creative expression. What is creating a stagnation of the creative flow? Tears may come to the surface, old emotional pain may reveal insight and even moments of laughter may help soothe frayed nerves. Whether is it joy or sadness as human beings, emotions are a gift and sitting in suffering for excessive amount of time is optional.  Whatever weighs the heart, let it empty out for greater freedom to feel the lightness of Soul and magical flow of all types of feelings and experiences.

Be open and honest with yourself and others now. Talk things through and feel things throughly.  Watch for tendencies to distract yourself from feeling things through. Objectivity and detachment may feel easier to apply. Eclipses come in pairs. We will head towards a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th. This will signify “turbo-charged new beginnings.”

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo brings the message to honor the heart’s wisdom and take logical steps forward to create a happy future which is real and lasting. Old self-images and ideas have to be let go. Holding ourselves back due to fear of the what the future will be is counter productive and prevents us from fully living in the moment. Be here and now. Experience the full range. Have awareness of the future yet, live and cherish each moment.

The inner child will reveal where the pain is being stored and fear is creating a tangle within the mind.  There is a choice to let it all go. To grab a hold of the freedom that is inherently available and dance with life. Have the courage to love yourself enough to let go of the fixed idea or self-image from the past. Discover who you are now. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo invites each into the inner most sanctuary of the heart. Listen and act on the wisdom of the heart. Joy of Spirit is there beyond the worry and pain of the past or future.

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