Mercury Retrograde in Aries from March – April 2018

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde phase is in the quick moving sign of Aries. Mercury Retrograde in Aries at 17 degrees begins on March 22nd, 2018 and lasts until April 15th, 2018. I will always encourage people to look at Mercury retrograde from a higher perspective and take the best the phase has to offer. Let go of the old negative perception of this important astrological phase.

Mercury is the planet that symbolizes thinking, communication, messages, ideas, perception and mental attitudes. This planet is important as it symbolizes the rational logical thought process and mental constructs.  The astrological sign of Aries is a fire element and cardinal mode of energy expression. Aries is quick to act, fiery and passionate. Combine these two in a transit (Mercury in Aries) passionate direct communication which is interested in exploring new realms of idea and thinking. Mercury in Aries imparts information fast and quick and can be the “initiating” influence in a group dynamic. Mercury in Aries has the potential to be and have “pioneer in thought and thinking.”

mc_rx3Mercury retrograde phase symbolizes a time to be introspective and de-clutter the mind, mental energy, physical level (such as paperwork, computer stuff etc.) and sort through the past three months or a bit longer of any lingering issues especially around communication, perception and mental attitudes. From my perspective, during a introspection phase as with the Mercury retrograde, the normal pace of rational thought may be a slight bit sluggish or not registering certain things. It is more of a time of stillness and reflection. This astrological phase symbolizes the space for the nervous system to relax, unwind and empty out. It is best used for recharging, renewing, revitalization.

With a Mercury retrograde phase, there may be delays in replies, mishaps in communication, glitches in computer or electronic things as well as sudden changes in plans or schedules. Allow plenty of space and time for adjustments and back up or copy important documents. Any “RE” activities (re-envision, readjust, renew, revamp, revisit etc.)  are always on point during a retrograde phase.

Mercury in Aries at its potential suggests direct assertive communication, both active listening and reply. Mental attitudes are encouraging and perception allows to explore new paths or ideas with enthusiasm and courage. Communication is fast, quick and at times impulsive. There is a singular train of thought and a very active mind.  When Mercury in Aries is off-balance, there may be verbal dominance, aggressive speech, not slowing down to listen and the need to be right  (ego) and in control. Words seem to pierce rather than encourage.

Mercury retrograde in Aries allows the space for a reflection on how well the mind allows for transformation around new ideas and ways of perceiving. There may be issues or themes around speaking up and being assertive, straightforward communication as well as how much the mind has courage to explore new ways or paths instead of being stuck with the old. Mercury retrograde in Aries makes a wide ‘Square’ (tension like aspect) to transiting Pluto in Capricorn. Therefore there is potential for deep inner transformation of peeling away old perception, ideas and ways of communication. There may be intensity to communication pointing to where the issue is buried.

By April 2nd, 2018, as Mercury continues its retrograde phase in Aries, it will make a second “Square” aspect to transiting Saturn in Capricorn. The potential is to focus on integrity in speech, accountability and pragmatic follow through on ideas or agreements you have made. There may be mental pressure or tension to accomplish some task or project as well as seriously re-organize things.  You may use the energy to concentrate on writing or focusing on getting an important thing done. Words carry weight now so be mindful of what you are promising, saying and expressing to self and others. Also, consider any old limiting mental constructs have the potential to be dismantled now so there are new neuro-pathways that could open and lead to exciting possibilities.

For some people, this aspect brings up mental pessimism and negativity or being harsh with impulsive judgments. You have a chance to transform this way of thinking and communicating for longer lasting results.

As Mercury retrograde in Aries continues its final symbolic tour before going stationing to go direct, will continue to widely ‘square’ Saturn in Capricorn. So get comfortable with the concentration and focus on accountability, integrity and patience in communication. The last aspect that Mercury will make to Saturn in Capricorn will be after it goes direct motion on April 26th, 2018 when Saturn in Capricorn is retrograde. Serious or long-term resolutions and realistic progress may occur then. Patience, timing and communicating in straightforward way is imperative.

Mercury in Aries at 5 degrees will station to go direct on April 15th, 2018. Communication may remain slow until after April 22nd, 2018 as things symbolically shift gears, so be patient with the adjustment in mental energies. Mercury in Aries returns to 17 degrees where it began its retrograde phase on May 4th, 2018. After this point it is a great time to initiate new ideas, solutions, marketing and networking. Mercury in Aries signifies bold, confident expression and communication style. Get to the point while encouraging others as well.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries begins:   March 22nd, 2018          (at 17 degrees)
Mercury goes Direct in Aries:                 April 15th, 2018             (at 5 degrees)
Mercury in Aries enters a new phase: May 4th, 2018                 (at 17 degrees)

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