Overview: New Moon in Aries – April 15th/16th, 2018

The New Moon in Aries at 26 degrees occurs on April 15th.16th, 2018 and it symbolizes the seed impulse to mark the beginning of a brand new astrological year (Aries is the first sign of the natural zodiac).  Not only that, but this New Moon in Aries has a “turbo-charge energy” added to it so it stimulates new beginnings in a extra powerful way. This is not a time to be shy or timid. Tap into the Archetype of the Compassionate Warrior (Aries) and venture into new territory.

The Sun and Moon work as a team in the dynamic sign of Aries. The astrological sign of Aries is a fire element and a mutable mode of energy expression. It’s symbolism suggests blazing new paths as a pioneer and expressing courage to be the compassionate and motivating Warrior.  The New Moon in Aries therefore signifies the impulse to be highly dynamic, initiating and confident to experience new ways and paths.  “Doing the same old is boring and so last year,” says the New Moon in Aries vibe. This is a great time to put compassion into action. If you have felt unsure, the symbolism of the New Moon in Aries provides the energetic support to be decisive and pour your raw passion into areas where you would like to make big strides.

This New Moon in Aries makes a ‘conjunction’ to Uranus in Aries. Expect surprises and the unexpected. It is possible to feel the ‘wake up call’ and even to experience unusual situations which shock or upset the status quo. Something or person may suddenly leave or enter your life.
Allow for maximum freedom and liberation now so that everyone including animal companions have space to be themselves as individuals or individual spark/Essence. There may be a bit of extra fiery zest and sassy energy that is expressed. The best way to use this colorful energy is to allow the wisdom of the heart to guide the “take charge” energy.

The message of the New Moon in Aries:
“Dare to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with something fresh and exciting.” It is helpful to channel all this stimulating passionate energy into constructive outlets. Otherwise, this energy can become super restless, agitated and unpredictable in its expression.

Sleep state may not feel as restful at this time, as all this dynamic energy builds until the peak point of the New Moon in Aries (building up is more potent than exact event. It is not like a one day sale. Build up, Peak and Post for any astrological transit.) This is a good time to exercise as well as exercise patience and practice compassion. Find ways to be innovative and support other’s to follow their ideas with courage.

Transiting Mercury in Aries at 5 degrees is also in Direct motion. This symbolizes the communication pathways are slowly (yes slowly) shifting from introspective and possible delays into outward expression and resolutions may appear. Patience is still required for the next week as the energies move about. All in good timing, the information or replies you have been waiting on may arrive one by one.

Also, Mercury/Saturn-Rx make their last aspect. This symbolizes careful planning of ideas that are based in integrity, reality and are of lasting value. Take action on so they become a reality. Communicate with maturity and patience as well as provide concrete examples. Promise what you will deliver and also agree to those who are willing to be pragmatic with their ideas or offering solid opportunities.

Transiting Chiron (wounded healer, teacher, maverick) in Pisces (Spiritual, compassion, Cosmic picture) makes its final peace and resolutions around ‘the suffering and separation from God/Divine’ wound as it finishes the last eight year phase of development. Chiron is preparing to enter the bold sign of Aries which signifies a new phase or transit around “Who am I and How do I express my fiery Essence in the world?” There may be themes around head, headaches, inflammation and vitality with this Chiron in Aries transit. Since Chiron does represent alternative healing, if you have been undergoing chronic pain or need help with reducing inflammation and a boost to your vitality, then consider an Energy Balancing Session to support your healing and re-balancing process around these issues or any other ones.  Contact Dipali through her website if you would like to schedule an Energy Balancing Session.

Pay attention to where you may be able to initiate new sparks/ideas and take action through unusual ways or paths.

Suggested Intention:
“I AM courageous”
“I AM confident”
“I AM taking action on inspiration ”

Thanks for reading this article.
Wishing each of you a sparkling New Moon in Aries.

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