“Building Innovative Bridges into the Future” Uranus enters Taurus from 2018 to 2026

In astrology, Uranus is the planet that symbolizes ‘awakening, innovation and the unexpected.” The sign of Taurus is an earth element and a fixed mode of energy expression.  This represents real physical shifts and manifestations of change or waking up. The transit (cycle of development) of Uranus in Taurus will begin May 15th, 2018 and the transit lasts until 2026. What does this phase represent and what are the themes for the next several years?

For the last several years, Uranus has been in the sign of the trailblazer; in Aries. How has life altered for you? Uranus in Aries has brought major shifts and breakthroughs around “call to action.”  It was an powerfully active phase for seven years with Uranus transiting through Aries.

Now, Uranus entering Taurus is  “A Call to Build and Shape Forms.” Think of it as a quickening or awakening of physical matter shedding density and shifting into more light or higher vibrational frequencies. There will be potential for innovation and major awakenings around money, resources, security, worth and values.  Taurus is an earth element, therefore it’s message is about the physicality of life and to “savor” each experience.  It is also a sign of “building bridges and shaping or sculpting forms.”

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Uranus transits as this symbolism ‘activates’ the unknown and futuristic; the ‘genius’ aspect of self. Uranus in Taurus invites each towards liberation from past ways of coping and living in survival mode. Uranus in Taurus may create space for new technology, fresh ideas for creating beauty and wellness, bridging gaps between Spirit and Form (non-physical and physical), shaping values to care for each other, the Earth and beyond.

The possibility is there that transiting Uranus in Taurus adds sudden information life so people may see life from not just from an Earth perspective, but also a Galactic perspective or Universal perspective. It is possible to see certain ‘hidden’ elements of life become real in daily life. An example would be how we are a part of a bigger reality (5th Dimension and higher) not only Earth reality (3D) and that ET’s are real part of the wholeness of life not just a fictional character in a movie or book.

The challenges may be sudden upsets in old ways of experiencing security (on all levels especially physical). Shake ups in the physical level of life is possible as well as upsets in financial issues or crisis. What has been held in a rigid, stuck or fixed way that is no longer for our highest good… may be the first to be activated or triggered. The stability or consistency that used to work may no longer function at an optimal level. The focus has to shift with Uranus in Taurus, from temporary security to lasting Soul-level security. Trust issues may come up too as this is a whole new level of trusting that one’s needs will be met and that life will be there to provide support.

The unexpected or chaotic energy (Uranus)  first shakes things loose and sets the stage for liberation and freedom from the known and past. Then, there is a reorganization for a new order until a new order settles in or opportunities arrive. The transit of Uranus symbolizes freedom for Soul realization and living with greater sovereignty. Therefore anything that one is clinging to, rigid attachments, old fears, limitations, beliefs, unhealthy desires, security issues and perceptions that inhibit or thwart will be challenged. This may occur on all levels:  individually, collectively, and Ancestral level.

A useful metaphor is, attending to our inner garden.
By being an active participant to create space and experience greater beauty, the inner garden is cared for and thus has the potential to thrive.  There is a similarity to a physical garden. We must go through processes of weeding, add fertile soil, watering, planting different seeds, attend to what has been planted in the past, prune and work in harmony with Nature. Most of all being patient as the garden moves through its own growth whilst being the observer and caretaker.

Imagine an enchanted magical garden where anything becomes possible. What the egoic mind once thought was not possible, becomes real. Working with the Child Within (Inner Child Archetype), we allow ourselves to find creative ways to bring our imagination into tangible reality. A magical garden where we may feel the oneness and aliveness with all that is there. What would it feel like to connect to higher consciousness Nature spirits or plants and animals within the garden? Imagine flowers or plant medicine providing new ways of healing.

Also, Uranus in Taurus symbolizes bringing more Spirit and Soul’s Essence into the various forms and structures. This helps to further integrate Spiritual values into the physical world rather than the world functioning from a materialistic stand point. Materialism and Spiritual materialism will be up for examination and even big changes.

Taurus is a sign which enjoys creating and indulging in beauty through fives senses. What if there are more senses that open up (more than the five that are known?) during the transit of Uranus in Taurus.  Perhaps we will be able to sense beyond the five senses and also capture evidence in a realistic way through new cutting edge technology.

The transit of Uranus in Taurus also opens up a field of possibility of creating and new ways of embodiment. Embody your values, embody compassion, embody joy. So in a way, density that has been trapped in the physical body may be shaken loose and new frequencies may be added. It is helpful to think outside the box with any Uranus transit. Looking past old ways to earn money or invest is another example of change.

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Uranus symbolism is the lightening bolt and with that comes a sudden out of the blue awareness of what is no longer of value and new values emerging from the heart and Spirit. The challenge also will be to let go of attachment to physical objects and allow for expanded changes. It will be important to delve into the depths of Self/Soul and find what is real security, the everlasting anchor within rather than invest in job security or hoard physical items. The lessons will arise around what or whom we use as a ‘security blanket’ that is temporary verses a lasting sense of inner security.

The Earth itself may rumble and shake metaphorically as well as physically. This reflects the big changes taking place that everyone may be experiencing. It is time for greater revolutionary breakthroughs and expanded sense of embodiment of higher Spiritual values. The physical body may undergo need for healing and restructuring as well as returning to being a Sacred vessel or temple through which Soul/Spirit expresses.

Uranus in Taurus invites each person to appreciate and feel gratitude for all that is happening as a part of evolution and making space for higher consciousness to express on the Earth. Be open to the unexpected. By letting go of attachment and expectations you are living in flow of Life and allowing the unexpected to become real. Miracles become tangible and similar to  garden, various blooms and fruits become accessible.

PERSONAL GUIDANCE:  What is helpful is to understand how Uranus in Taurus shows up in your life through your Birth/Natal Chart as a cycle of development. This provides greater understanding and the ability to navigate in a conscious way as well as utilizing the potentials of Uranus in Taurus.

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