Overview: Full Moon in Capricorn – June 27th/28th, 2018

With great care and caution, take it a step at a time up the symbolic Spiritual mountain. Notice what is there and what insight life brings. Slowly climbing the symbolic mountain, one is able to master many things. This Full Moon in Capricorn at 6 degrees occurs on June 27th/28th, 2018 depending on where you live. There is a concentrated symbolic influence of Saturn in Capricorn retrograde (at 5+ degrees) to this full moon phase. A serious focus on accomplishing and organizing may be what is needed for the few days before and after the Full Moon in Capricorn.

The Sun in Cancer opposition to the Moon in Cancer during the full moon phase whereby this symbolism suggests it may be possible to feel a more somber or even slightly weighted feel to moods and emotions. Normally, during a full moon phase emotions are heightened and need to move with the ebb and flow. Since transiting Saturn in Capricorn retrograde is part of the configuration of the Full Moon in Capricorn, there is somewhat of a symbolic anchor or potential for stabilizing emotions.

There may be old issues around family, security (emotional or financial) and possibly boundaries which surface during this time. What things need to be addressed and re-organized? A wonderful time to flush out the past debris rather than holding on to things due to fear of letting go.

During this full moon phase, it is important to check into the foundational structure on all levels; Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Where are the fractures, wobbly boundaries, lack of stability and integrity?

The Moon in Capricorn makes a fabulous ‘trine’ to Uranus in Taurus. This symbolism suggests it may feel easier to breaking apart past imposed limitations, transform fears and feel harmony in a realistic way. Possibility is there for sudden excitement and unusual synchronicity as you dare to explore the unknown.

Another important cycle of development that is underway which began on June 26th, 2018, is Mars in Aquarius retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius. This signifies a time where vitality, desire, drive and motivation is pulled inwards into a more introspective phase. It is best not to push, force or rush things. Make the time to recharge, renew and restore. A time to review the last two years and readjust to plant seeds for the next two years. This phase lasts until end of August 2018.

Also happening, Transiting Saturn in Capricorn retrograde is making its way to ‘trine’ Uranus in Taurus. This represents a time where unusual strides and opportunities arise for building and shaping a different future. Stay open to out of the norm solutions, connections and synchronicity. There may be authority figures which lend a helping hand and possibly hand out recognition for past job well done. It is possible to begin to see forms, shapes, definitions and outlines. A great time to discuss and brainstorm about plans, projects and collaborations for the future in a grounded way.

The Full Moon in Capricorn brings the message of acting with emotional integrity and implementing healthy parameters. Take things a step at a time. This is a phase where personal and professional areas may need to strike a different balance. It is best to let go of pessimism and allow for greater faith. If one person carves a new path through different steps, this creates a ripple effect for others around them to embrace new possibilities too. Suffering in silence and being in prolonged guilt is a choice. This is a time to be pragmatic and nurture a new habit and let go of past choices.

Thanks for reading this article and Happy Full Moon in Capricorn may your feet and feelings be on the ground and feel rejuvenated!


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