Celestial Twinkle: Mercury Stations Direct in Leo – August 2018

We finally arrive to Mercury in Leo at 11 degrees stationing to go Direct in the early morning hour of August 19th, 2018 (EDT). The last few days have shown a lot of communication glitches and issues for many people. Mental energies and communication begins to flow outward and forward over the next week to two weeks, if possible use wisdom and patience in initiating new projects and the timing of things as energies are still a bit all over the place.

There are still delays and mix ups happening. So be sure to triple check things and follow-up for the next week at least. Mercury is the planet that symbolizes communication, ideas, perceptions and mental energy level. Leo is a fire element and fixed mode of energy. Mercury in Leo at its potential expression represents highly creative mind and mental energy.

Mercury in Leo symbolizes speaking authentically from the heart, being courageous, dignified and sharing how you feel so that it encourages and motivates self and others. Communication can be colorful and have a dramatic flair. Mental energy may use a more creative approach to thinking and coming up with ideas.

This transit of Mercury in Leo has brought up tension around holding onto painful ideas or perceptions that become chronic and inflamed. Mercury in Leo at its peak potential embodies a sense of innocence, joy and liveliness.  When Mercury in Leo is off-balance, words and ideas are dominating, selfishness and pride are over the top as is the need for attention and being put on a high pedestal.

Focus the mental energy on the highest vision possible for the highest good for all. Hold steady to that outcome and ask for Spiritual energies for support. This means, it is not the egoic mind’s expectation, rather, the idea that the highest good for all is the healthiest and most loving so everyone is lifted up and shines their brightest as their Soul potential.

Right now, finish research, organizing and lining things up. In a week or so, initiate the new ideas, projects and plans. Mercury in Leo suggests to share what is in the heart and how the Inner Child feels.

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