Overview: Full Moon in Taurus October 24th, 2018

There may be a strong emotional rumble or unexpected emotional releases happening leading up to and during the Full Moon in Taurus at 1 degree on October 24th, 2018 as transiting Uranus in Taurus retrograde and Venus Retrograde are both adding  symbolic energies to it. It is best to remain flexible rather than being overly stubborn with the way the energies are unfolding now.

The Sun is in Scorpio ‘opposition’ to Moon in Taurus suggesting a time to strike a balance between emotional and physical resources. The Moon in Taurus suggests a earthy, fixed and practical approach to attending to nurturing self or others. Examining one’s values is helpful now. Are you choosing things and people which are valuable and who value you? Do you value them? There may be a deep desire or even cravings for love, affection and emotional intimacy.

Watch for buried resentments, anger, jealousy, rage, obsessions, addictions and rigidity arising for transformation and healing. Something is dying, degenerating and dissolving. It could be literal, it could be symbolic. It is possible to feel grief, intense feeling of loss, out of control and unsure of the next step. As you become ready, Life will reveal what is next. First feel through the rumbling of old emotions and grief.

With the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus while opposition to Sun and Venus retrograde in Scorpio while making a positive aspect to transiting Saturn in Capricorn, the symbolism suggests potential for unusual encounters, sudden emotional liberation and relationship changes through implementing different guidelines and boundaries.

Past issues in relationships are coming up with fierce intensity. You can’t avoid it or deny this for long. Something must change from the inside out.  Look for the Divine and Spirit to infuse drops of magic and empowerment through facing fears. By choosing wisely and maturely walking through the doorway of fear or uncertainty, one moves towards the light and to the love which is at the core of life. Honor the timing to things.

Unexpected interactions or clashes due to the egoic mind’s black and while approach are possible. The egoic mind may want to control, dominate, manipulate and coerce simple out of fear, panic and need for attention or to remain in the old way of life. The Full Moon phase tends to illuminate what is in the shadows. What is in the unconscious, hidden in the subconscious or hiding out behind the scenes may show itself through interactions. You may hear from Someone out of the blue and thus old emotions or feelings are stirred with possible mix of confusion.

During the Full Moon in Taurus, through conscious awareness and self-responsibility, there is potential for re-aligning with trust, empowerment and slowing down to savor the experiences happening now. The question is “where or whom are you giving your power to?” Are you giving your power away or allowing another to impose their power over you? Has it become stifling or unhealthy? Do you control or manipulate through your power out of fear?”

There is a tone of the “past” emotional pain and unresolved issues aka..shadows overlapping or blurring the present moment. It is possible to come face to face with fears of death, dying, trust, power, money control. It is possible to realize where you are obsessive, compulsive or enabling others to continue this unhealthy behavior due to not wanting to upset the status quo.

If you feel too drawn into the emotional turmoil or unresolved pain of others, breathe and take a few steps back. Ask yourself what you need to regain your emotional strength and empowerment. Is it feeling through emotions? Is it honoring yourself or others? Is it letting go of fixed emotional or physical attachments? Issues around money, finances, joint finances and how others value you or values are strong.

There is  potential for sudden liberation of pent of emotion, energy and stuckness in relationships or joint finances. Look for Spirit working within the crevices in unspoken loving ways which are supportive and life-enhancing.  Allow old hopes, desires and ideas to peel away so there is room for something else to form and grow. Even if it feels intense or extreme, Life and the Divine are always there.

Uranus is soon to retrograde back into the sign of Aries for the last little bit (for the remaining part of 2018, there is still a Call for Action ringing) and transiting Venus will retrograde back into Libra before going direct in November 2018. There will be continuous shifts in relationships, creative energy, relating, finances and love. It is possible for relationship status to change or alter.  Hold steadfast to a simple clear intention that is life giving rather than clinging to outdated ideas around love, creative expression, harmony, balance, relationship(s) and money. Observe and make adjustments are needed. The 2018 Holiday Season may hold a certain magical liberating quality. Freedom to be and express your Essence/Soul is one key quality.

The Full Moon in Taurus brings the message of embodiment of Spiritual values, magic and love down into the physical form. It is imperative to allow for creative change and freedom rather than being overly attached to an old point of view or perception. The Full Moon in Taurus invites each to let go of the past pain held in the cellular memories of the body and emotional level to create room for birthing something fresh and new.

Suggested Intentions for the Full Moon in Taurus:
“I AM the embodiment of trust and love”
“I now let go of old emotional and physical attachments which no longer serve my highest good.”

Thanks for reading this article! Happy Full Moon in Taurus!

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