Overview: New Moon in Scorpio Nov. 7th, 2018

This New Moon in Scorpio at 15 degrees on November 7th, 2018 makes a ‘trine’ to transiting Neptune in Pisces retrograde. There a Spiritual intensity, like a laser beam like energy cutting through to allow deeper ease to dissolving and a feeling that the Ancestors are helping each one of us to rise up higher. Choices to free ourselves from guilt, power struggles and lack of trust or faith is a part of the mix now.

The Moon is in Scorpio (Scorpio is a water element and fixed mode of energy expression all about creative transformation) making a team like aspect to the Sun in Scorpio. Both luminaries symbolize potent peeling away of layers that are no longer life-giving. The astrological sign of Scorpio is often misunderstood and spoken of with a distortion. Certainly, any astrological sign can be off-kilter if the human being is expression the worst of the qualities rather than the highest potential. It is what we choose to do with the qualities of any given sign that make it shine or dim it’s light.

New Moon phase in astrology symbolizes a time where we sense quicker new beginnings or fertile space in the subconscious to plant new intention. This lunar phase it is imperative to plant “empowering intention.” Working with the Sacred Feminine or Divine Feminine is also a wonderful way to tune into the ‘highly creative’ aspect of the New Moon in Scorpio.

In India, this New moon in Scorpio heralds “Diwali” the auspicious time of the Festival of Lights in India. It is a week long celebration. It is where the row of lamps light up the darkness in Collective Consciousness. So in essence, it is brand new beginnings celebration and a time where one nurtures prosperity consciousness, joy, peace and the love that is at the core of all in life. It is a very colorful and lively Spiritual celebration where we connect with loved ones and nourish ourselves with goodness and gratitude not just about physical gifts but rather the Gift of Life.

The New Moon in Scorpio ‘trine’ Neptune in Pisces retrograde symbolizes grace, ease and fluid surrender as well as the grace and help that is given by Spiritual Beings, Ancestors and Angelic Ones. We may have vivid dreams, a deep yearning for feeling loved or peace. Be assured that help is here. Allowing the past to be released with the core of fear dissolved is important as we are finishing up the Venus Retrograde phase. To whom or where do you invest your power and how is that contributing to discord and disharmony in your self, body, life and relationships?

Transiting Jupiter is finishing its trek through Scorpio and preparing to enter Sagittarius this week. This is another big shift that is being felt, like a big wave shifting. It is helpful to begin to explore what beliefs have outstayed their purpose as well as explore the meaning of life. Expansion of Consciousness is key with this new transit of Jupiter’s. More on this in another article….Stay Tuned.

Transiting Uranus is now back in Aries (late degrees). This symbolizes an important phase where the “Call to Action” has its final call. Everyone will be ‘activated’ to take courageous action for making long lasting changes and to build confidence in blazing new trails. Venus goes Direct in Libra while making an Opposition to Uranus in Aries retrograde in mid November 2018. Expect the unexpected and some radical changes or opportunities for sudden liberation and breaking through old stagnant points. Some relationships will suddenly fade and new ones form. New avenues of creativity open as well as opportunities for work and expressing love, values as well as creating balance and harmony.

The New Moon in Scorpio brings with it a message of potent empowerment and rising onto higher levels of trust, cutting through deception and illusion to higher Truth. First, we must be willing to explore there are hidden, deceptive energies that create illusions which may drain life force and power. Then and only then does life reveal information which matches our courage to uncover higher Truth. The New Moon in Scorpio symbolizes extracting the higher Truth not just personal truth.

We are also warming up to the next Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio which begins mid November 2018 as well. Mercury/Neptune aspect is building (suggesting a mental fog and possible confusion at this onset of the phase.) Slow down and pay attention to the conversation, perception which binds you to fear as well as making sure you have the full and accurate information before jumping to conclusions.

Thanks for reading this article!  Happy Transformative and Creative New Moon in Scorpio.

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