Overview: Full Moon in Cancer – December 22nd, 2018

This is the last full moon phase for 2018 and it is in the dynamic astrological sign of Cancer. The Full Moon in Cancer occurs at 0 degrees on December 22nd, 2018. The theme of home, family, personal needs and family is the focal point. The astrological sign of Cancer is a water element and is able to initiate and take action. The emotional tides may run high and low, with the Holiday Season combined with the Full Moon in Cancer, nostalgia and memories may arise yet from my perspective, the Full Moon in Cancer has the potential to bring opportunities for change.

The Sun in Capricorn opposes the Moon in Cancer suggesting to strike a balance between professional/physical/material and personal/emotional/feelings. Some emotions may surface from the caverns of the subconscious or from unresolved resentment of the past. Rather than clinging to outdated perspective of why things happened, ask yourself what do you need so you are able to fully resolve it and feel into the freedom and peacefulness. There may be a push pull between desiring comfort and taking care of practical duties. Find a balance of both. Feel through any lingering hurts and resentments so that there is space to feel into new experiences.

Gentle tides wash away,
Pain and sorrow that clutter the way,
Surrender into the arms of the Infinite Mother,
You may feel the comfort like no other.
Little pockets of space,
Expand with Divine love and grace,
You are the sweet Child of the Divine,
It is time,
You return home and be at one with the Divine.
Home is where the heart rests.”

~ © Inspired Message through Dipali~

The Full Moon in Cancer makes a ‘sextile’ aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries retrograde. This suggests opportunities for unexpected change and innovation to step outside of the emotional pain and limitation. Ask your Ancestors for help and understanding to empower and bring healing.  Transiting Mars in Pisces is close by to transiting Chiron in Pisces suggesting to take action on Spiritual and emotional healing to bridge the gap and restore peace through higher perspective rather than swimming in suffering. Being by a body of water such as a river, Ocean, stream or lake even a large fish tank will help remind you to flow with this Full Moon in Cancer. Being at home with family and nurturing new memories that evoke a sense of safety, peace, trust will be treasures that will be priceless into the future.

There are magnified issues and patterns coming up both individually and collectively around dogma, dogmatic beliefs, intolerance, being overly optimistic/pessimistic, as well as indulging in escapism, rosy colored glasses, illusions and delusions (building up of the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces into 2019). It is essential to transform the limiting ways and open Consciousness to new horizons, integrate higher Truths and apply faith.

Oftentimes, people become so joined with others that they lose connection to the gut instincts. During the Full Moon in Cancer, the opportunity presents itself to disengage from auto-pilot guilt and into a more conscious “listen to gut instincts” and create healthy safe emotional space for interactions with self, others and life.

The message of the Full Moon in Cancer is close something in the past so that a new symbolic doorway opens for a nourishing future.

Suggestions for Full Moon in Cancer Intention:
“I choose to be honest with sharing my feelings and honoring my needs”
“I AM nurturing and nourishing myself on all levels”
“I choose to honor the past yet live in the present moment to create uplifting future”

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Thanks for reading this article. Wishes for a comforting Full Moon in Cancer!

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