Overview: Full Moon /Lunar Eclipse in Leo January 21st, 2019

We arrive to one powerful Super Blood Wolf Moon, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the sign of dramatic and highly creative expression of Leo at 1 degrees on January 21st, 2019.
The emotional levels may be very high and low right now, similar to the tides in the Ocean. Having a heart-felt simple intention is very important as to help the emotional energies move towards something constructive.

As Lunar Eclipse symbolism suggests, it is a potent time of letting go, emptying out and changes for the next six months. This supports the activation for 2019 to create new pathways. This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo symbolically activates a challenging wide “square” tension aspect to Uranus in Aries at 28 degrees. There is an element of unpredictability happening now. The message is to find acceptance in spontaneity for now and listen to the “call for action.” Old definitions and roles are in the midst of being questioned for possible major change. Love that is contained in old definitions and ways are also being challenged.

Since it is a Super moon, there is an added layer of energies with a strong emotional vibration. There is potential for reaction or response. Having a Super Moon mixed with a Lunar Eclipse symbolizes a big change in the emotional level on the planet.

Leo is a fixed energy and a fire element. Therefore there is a strong “fiery” tone to this full moon. Things will definitely be illuminated from the subconscious and in interactions with others. The Full Moon in Leo suggests attending to the needs and desires of the heart, inner child, love, the urge to express what has been buried and oppressed in pain. The symbolic “roar” could be loud yet it may also help wake up the auto-pilot behaviors into being more conscious and choosing a healthier approach.

The Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo brings up its own challenges around the division between the heart and mind, the adult and child, the expression and inhibition. The past comes back around so that one is able to examine it and transform outdated beliefs and emotional reactions into a more loving happier expression. A bit of chaotic frenzy is possible as many things are being stirred now. Have faith a new order will be flowing in soon.

Current transit of Mercury in Capricorn ‘square’ Uranus in Aries suggests out of the blue information, news or conversations may upset the old order. There could be disagreements, arguments and flared up energy. At first the tension may clashes, stir rebellion and then the revolution or prompts for innovation and change. Take time and patience to digest the information and then make realistic changes to transform the out dated ideas or perceptions. The potential is for “sudden liberation” and shift in perception leading one towards greater freedom to be inventive and have lasting change for the highest good.

There could also be big unexpected tantrums from the immature inner child or loud yelling from someone who needs to voice their truth. Slow down to listen to the core of the message rather than throwing everything out. Be present to allowing all emotions to run their course so that nothing remains and everything clears away so there is room for new feelings to emerge.

About three or four days after the actual Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo, there may be a more settling down of the energies. Meanwhile, it is best to allow yourself to flow and adapt to the unexpected.

The message of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo is to be dare to dream outside the old order and allow for a greater love to be experienced. Love without conditions is one that honors freedom of Soul-level expression.

Suggested intentions for the Full Moon in Leo:
I AM Love that is free to express in all ways on all levels
I honor my Inner Child and creativity
I choose to express love without conditions both within and to others in life.

Thanks for reading this article. Happy Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo.

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