Overview: Full Moon in Scorpio May 18th, 2019

The Full Moon phase tends to illuminate the hidden, buried or disowned emotional issues. The emotional tides sway high to low and anything in between. This Full Moon occurs in the most extreme sign in the natural zodiac; Scorpio at 27 degrees on May 18th, 2019. The astrological sign of Scorpio does not do anything half way. It is all or nothing now.

Life has the tendency to bring what we need and not what we desire or want. With this full moon phase, what we may need is to let go once and for all and to bring the healing salve of forgiveness. It may not feel like an easy choice or process yet, some real decisions may have to be made to make proper strides into the future.

Allowing the Ebb and Flow
The need under the Full Moon in Scorpio may be to let go, strip down to the bare essentials and finally to shed the layers that no longer are of value on the emotional level. A core issue or emotion may arise now. Feel it all. The astrological sign of Scorpio is a water element and a fixed mode of energy expression. The Moon in Scorpio has the potential to have a laser beam like creative focus and the way of nurturing is with emotional intensity and depth. When it is off-balance there is a rigid form of control and power over rather than authentic power being utilized.

Full Moon: Sun Opposite the Moon
At the time of the full moon, the Sun is in Taurus (earth element, fixed energy mode of expression) opposition to the Moon is in Scorpio. There may be a push/pull or conflict around personal values and how others value you. There may be also a strong tendency to be stubborn or downright unyielding as to not reveal vulnerability. With the Full Moon in Scorpio there is a deep desire to feel trust and emotionally connected to the other. Yet there could be a fear creating resistance in allowing a deeper level of bonding to happen. Something has to give and move now, so examine all the possibilities that come up before making a final choice.

Some other astrological aspects that are happening at the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio are:

Mercury in Taurus (near the Sun in Taurus) ‘trine’ Pluto-Rx/SaturnRx in Capricorn. This suggests to resolve emotional pain or lack of trust may require practical and realistic goals or tangible examples. Speak with integrity and patience to convey the core issues and steps for moving forward. Communication may acknowledge the depth of emotions while shaping a solid foundation upon which to move through the letting go process. This symbolism suggests ease in problem solving with integrity and empowerment.

Also happening:
Unexpected breakthroughs and radical shifts on a physical level may occur as Venus ‘conjunct’ Uranus in Taurus happening now as well. The shock or electric symbolic jolt is to bring a “wake up” call in relationships, creative energy and money/finances. This is perfect for letting go and change of course outside the old comfort zone. Even if the status quo is rocked and it may feel like an upheaval, there is potential for some interesting realizations and strides forward with love, freedom and grace.

From my perspective, the Full Moon in Scorpio provides the elements for being resourceful and experiencing a tangible breakthrough. There may be opportunity to use the highly innovative and creative energy that is bubbling beneath the surface when the choice is made to remain in alignment with joy rather than clinging to resentment or guilt.

Suggestions for the Full Moon in Scorpio Intention:
I AM Letting Go
I AM willing to trust the Divine, Soul, Myself
I AM willing to feel through to the core and arrive at love.

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