“Innovative Creative Expression and Flow” – Mercury Retrograde Leo/Cancer July – August 2019

Mercury retrograde phase brings with it a space where the nervous system and mental energy has a phase of being introspective and recharging its batteries so to speak. It is a time to be non-linear and creative rather than forcing the hard line of logistics. When we move with the Astrology rhythms, we are provided with more support.

In astrology, the planet Mercury symbolizes communication, rational thought, ideas, mental energy and information gathering as well as sharing. This is a short version of what Mercury symbolizes yet we tend to use Mercury in our day to day logistics and communication of all kinds.

This Mercury retrograde begins in the sign of dramatic and creative expression of Leo and moves back (symbolically) into the ebb and flow of sensitivity of Cancer. We experience Mercury retrograde about 3 times for about 3 to 4 weeks through the year so this is a regular rhythm..

What captures my interest is that this Mercury Retrograde in Leo at 4 degrees (July 7th) shifts and symbolically activates “conjunction” to transiting Mars in Leo and a “square” aspect to transiting Uranus in Taurus at 6 degrees. This is a very colorful and revealing transit to say the least. What has been stuck within the heart may erupt through sudden bursts of communication. It is possible to experience unusual bursts of mental buzz or anxiety and restlessness. Stay in the flow of being open to what the Universe is saying through symbolic messages.

From my perspective, this dynamic (any Mercury/Uranus transit) is highly innovative and has genius like tendencies of lightning bolt thought, ideas or possibilities that are unusual and out of the normal confines of the egoic mind’s thinking. This Summer 2019, will be very exciting and has a energy of unpredictability and breakthroughs.

Mercury/Mars in Leo tends to symbolize an energetic state of mind. The stories, ideas and images tend to be dramatic and full of creative expression. It also suggests vocalizing the needs, wants desires and even tantrums of the Inner Child, physical children as well as adults who are childish. There may be pent up emotions, heart-felt words and actions which may bring about greater expression of the heart and Soul. The potential is to have courage and confidence to express one’s unique style and heart without conditions and in a playful manner. Actions must be taken for this potential to become real.

Breaking Apart old thought-forms
Most of the time, the egoic mind tends to cling to an old image, memory, thought-form long after its expiration date. Mercury Retrograde in Leo square Uranus in Taurus suggests sudden disruptive tendencies, abrupt shift in plans, schedules and information. Whatever is coming up and it feels like a “chronic” pattern or condition may be ready for breaking apart until the energies are transformed. One key is “shift in perception” to transform the stuck in a groove experiences or discord and pattern. Expect the unexpected with travel plans, business mergers, relationships of all kinds as well as anything to do with mechanical items.

People may be challenged to see where they are unable to speak authentically and truthfully due to blockages on a mental level and beliefs that are still being nurtured (Children should be seen and not heart is one example.)

It is best to take a playful approach to the experience and stay fluid rather than rigid to make the most of potential. Sometimes we have to have the perception from a child-like approach to see the adventure and discover creative solutions in the worst of situations.

Gentle compassionate Communication
Mercury Retrograde back into Cancer suggests, being fluid with times to be introspective and then with compassion share thoughts or realizations. It is possible to feel nostalgia, sadness and grief of what is lost or ready to depart. Explore what is under the passive/aggressiveness. Is there pain? Confusion? Misinformation? What idea or memory are you clinging to that is causing pain and suffering? Feel through the emotions before clarity can offer insight. Reflect on values, home, family, emotional intimacy and communication. It is helpful to communication through what evokes a feeling or memory.

My suggestion:
Do not to allow pent up emotions and frustrations to bubble and boil until there is an implosion. Start taking small actions to empty tension, emotions and pain as well as providing space for unexpressed communication from the inner child for deeper healing of the heart and mind. There may be people that do “tantrum yoga” where the inner child is ruling the roost in not such a good way. Find ways to lovingly and firmly parent the inner child.

People, clients, friends or old loves tend to suddenly appear and communicate under a Mercury Retrograde phase. This could represent a time to finalize an “open” chapter, close the door, forgive and bring healing for resolution. Stay in the present moment to see what the experience is bringing rather than being swept into the past or future. People reappearing does not always mean that one has to go “backwards” into the past and live there with other(s) who can’t let go. Take time to discern and ask for inner guidance when unsure.

Quick Overview:
–Mercury in Cancer 23 degrees enters “building up” (shadow) phase on Thursday June 20th, 2019

–Mercury in Leo at 4 degrees begins Retrograde phase: July 7th, 2019

–Mercury in Cancer at 23 degrees stations Direct August 1st, 2019

–Mercury in Leo leaves shadow phase and enters “new beginnings phase” August 15th, 2019

From my perspective, this Summer will bring with it sprinkling of out of the blue disruptions of the status quo that has to go, incredible realizations may fall over one’s heart and mind, creative opportunities as well as liberate one from illusion to Truth. We may be able to communicate our needs and desires with more clarity. There is also potential to listen to and allow the imagination of the inner child to express more freely. Do not procrastinate. Move with the tides now and stay open to genius like ideas.

Thanks for reading this article!
Enjoy the introspection.

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