Overview: New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 2nd, 2019

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer is at 10 degrees on July 2nd, 2019. The Sun and Moon unite symbolically in the nurturing astrological sign of Cancer during this New Moon. Heed the call to be near a body of water such as a river, stream or the Ocean is strong. It may feel refreshing to enjoy basking in the presence of the element of Water. The energies now for many may feel strong, restless and highly sensitive.

A Solar Eclipse occurs during a new moon phase and it symbolizes turbo-charged new beginnings with a wild card element. Eclipses come in pairs and there is a Lunar Eclipse/Full moon later this month as well.

Be ready to flow and move with unpredictable shifts and changes like the tides within the Ocean. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer tends to highlight family matters, personal needs or family needs, emotional security and the way in which one nurtures self/others or anything. The urge to make choices for self-preservation and the urge to protect is strong. The emotional body may be activated, yes even though its a New Moon. Examine relationship(s) with those who have nurtured you and those whom you nurture. See what insights come forward.

The Divine Feminine energy runs strong as the symbolism of a Cosmic Womb fertile and ready to birth new beginnings that one needs (not always what one expects.) The Divine Feminine is also quite strong and assertive yet gentle and creative. When working with creativity now, allow things to move with an ebb and flow. Honor and cherish joyful memories yet live in the present moment to birth something new.

From my perspective, over the next six months this Solar Eclipse in Cancer will reveal and unfold the birthing of new things. Allow it all to gently unfold according to Divine Timing. Call upon the Divine Feminine to help comfort you in times of stress and uncertainty. It may be time to leave an old insecurity behind and build confidence on an emotional level. There may be a stronger desire to take an risk and invest emotionally in a relationship or project that requires nurturing.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer symbolically ignites the energies and helps to bring into focus areas of concern, growth as well as the changes that need to take place. Few questions to ask is; “What is it that I choose to nurture and nourish with my life force? Is it empowering and of value? Is it depleting and run its course?”

With the approaching Mercury Retrograde in Leo/Cancer (starting the retrograde making “square” aspect to Uranus in Taurus), there are old chronic issues re-surfacing, yet there is a symbolic turbulence in communications of all kinds (plus travel, appointments, scheduling etc.) People, issue and projects from the past may suddenly reappear.
It is possible sudden storms and weather changes or Earth’s tectonic plates shift with a Solar Eclipse as well as this particular Mercury Retrograde.

When working with astrology, it is helpful to look at the whole picture than stand alone transits. Interestingly enough, there is a story with the configurations that is present. In one way, from a Cosmic perspective, it is best to speak about the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer and the approaching Mercury Retrograde since all things are happening now and not in such a linear time-frame.

For some people during a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer, they may be changing residences, establishing new roots, changing job positions or examining family dynamics and extending helping hands to comfort and care for those who are unable to do so on their own.

It is a wonderful time to set new intention (keep it simple and direct). Find gentle and comforting ways to nourish yourself. Do something fun or totally relaxing and listen to the Ocean waves or the delicate sound of a nearby stream. It is very important to nurture yourself first and then when you feel ready to extend help to others. Remember to allow your Cosmic cup to overflow and thus naturally you have more to share with others.

Thanks for Reading this article. Happy New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer!

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