Overview: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 16th, 2019

This Full Moon in Capricorn at 23 degrees is also layered symbolically with a Lunar Eclipse on July 16th, 2019. The energies building up to and even days after may feel a bit intense. The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Capricorn may expose, emotions, grief, family issues, themes around boundaries, Ancestral lineage patterns as well as security both physical and emotional.

The Sun is in Cancer “opposition” to the Moon in Capricorn. This suggests the need to balance both personal and professional needs into a harmonious flow. The Lunar Eclipse suggests “endings, closure, completion, culmination as well as unpredictable symbolic death.”

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This suggests a laser beam like intensity to reveal the spots, issue, emotions and pain that require deep healing and forgiveness. It is an all or nothing approach now.

Emotional level may have extremes and need room to express the build up. Clarity happens after the emotions are properly felt through. It is important to have both feet on the ground while handling critical matters. Emotional eruptions, rage and intense emotions arise for feeling it through rather than bottling, burying, suppressing or repressing.

Possible issues around food, digestion, assimilation, bones, structures and boundaries surface for examination. There is a deep current from the Ancestral lineage that is highlighting a major issue for healing now. Find ways to use your power and integrity during turbulent times.

Emotional transformation, regeneration and rebirth is the course to follow. It may not feel easy to express how you feel or what you are afraid of. Yet, simplicity and honesty helps others practice compassion and patience as well. During the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, there may be something hidden that is revealed, confirmed or exposed so that the next step is somewhat free of guilt, doubt and fear.

Investigate the underlying cause or root of the rage, pain, anger. There may be more insights yet to come up and a greater understanding of a larger pattern. Be as compassionate and caring as possible. It is time to refocus on self to replenish therefore you will be able to offer more to others.

This is a great time to purge, recycle, transform, revise and eliminate what is no longer working or of value. Allow energies, things and even relationships to fall away that are no longer serving your greater good. This choice may create room for a rebirth and planting of new symbolic seed intention.

Thanks for reading! Happy Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

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