Overview: Full Moon in Pisces September 14th, 2019

The “Harvest Full Moon’ is in the compassionate ultra sensitive and intuitive sign of Pisces at 21 degrees on September 14th, 2019. The Full Moon in Pisces makes an aspect to mystical Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius. There may be a concentration on past disappointments and outdated beliefs based in fear and pain that arise now. The Full Moon in Pisces invites each to test the strength of faith within and in life. Be sure not to over promise anything now as the Full Moon in Pisces makes a tense aspect to transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius now.

Pisces is a water element and a mutable mode of energy expression. Pisces attunes one to the “Cosmic” energies and other dimensions beyond the physical. Pisces symbolism suggests one fish swimming upwards towards enlightenment and the other fish swims into the depths of the unconscious. This astrological sign is very adept at adaptation and blending into situations or filling in where there are gaps to help unify. The Moon in Pisces is ultra-sensitive and very psychic as well as tremendously compassionate. There is a highly creative and inspired expression of feelings and energies that flow when the Moon in Pisces is expressing at its optimal level.

The Sun in Virgo ‘opposition’ to Moon in Pisces symbolizes the delicate balance of discernment and ethics with acceptance and compassion. During full moon’s the symbolism suggests the emotional level is heightened brings awareness of past unresolved emotional issues or pain around unfulfilled desires or disappointments that things did not go as planned or expected. It is imperative to be discerning and to not buy into things that seem too good to be true or a promise that comes with hidden strings. Slow down and sit with your inner guidance for a day or so after to see if it still feels empowering to take the action or choose that choice.

The Full Moon in Pisces may feel ultra-sensitive as the symbolism suggests that tears may arise yet it is a wonderful time to allow forgiveness to seep into barren painful issues and in the heart, body and mind. Let go and allow the higher perspective to expand compassionate healing. Be gentle with self and others now.

As the emotions are felt and the space is cleared, there is a strong possibility for renewal and an opportunity to align with higher Truth and dissolve an illusion you have been holding for far too long.

It is possible to experience a scattered type of energy and even diffused emotional currents. Transiting Mars/Neptune aspect happening during this Full Moon in Pisces suggests diffused actions or movement with just steam rather than fire. Take action to be still and recharge through rest, meditation or sitting near water.

Although there may be “wishful” dreaming and even indulgence in fantasy world, with the Full Moon in Pisces making a opportunity connection to Pluto in Capricorn-Rx suggests keeping both feet on the ground and being realistic with inspiration and dreaming.

In a few days, the air will feel more charged up and thus vitality may feel better. With the fuzziness or overwhelm symbolism connected to the Full Moon in Pisces, people may tend to either jump to conclusions or to get information confused. Patience and stillness is everything now. Know when to act and when to be still.

Thanks for reading this article! Happy Full Moon in Pisces. May Peace restore clarity.

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