Overview: New Moon in Libra September 28th, 2019

We enter a time of peace seeking and an desire for harmony during the New Moon in Libra on September 28th, 2019. New moon’s represent a fertile space in the lunar cycle in astrology. The astrological sign of Libra is a cardinal mode of energy expression and an air element. It is very dynamic and very logical in nature. It is a time to express your wit, charm and intelligence in social settings.

Libra tends to view all sides of a situation or issue before arriving to the end. Fairness, tact, diplomacy and equality are potential qualities of this sign. It is a great time to engage in social get togethers and make new connections with those of similar interests.

As the Sun ‘conjuncts’ the Moon in Libra they combine forces as a focused “team” and highlight a time to expand peace and harmony in all that is expressed or seeded for the future.

There are two other planets Venus and Mercury transiting through Libra at the time of the New Moon in Libra. This is known as a stellium. Relating and relationships will be another focal point under a Libra New Moon. Refining the art of romance and dialogue will be helpful now. The question that may arise “Is this relationship based in mutual respect, harmony and integrity?” We may reflect or question our relationship with everything and everyone with objectivity.

There may be “adjustments” that need to be made during the New Moon in Libra before something feels consistent and solid. The New Moon in Libra makes an “opposition” to transiting Chiron in Aries retrograde. This suggests a need to bring wholeness and healing as to be able to express courage and confidence while relating to others. There may be an old wound or pain that requires some transformation to let discord go and harmony restore balance.

Look for opportunity to explore new horizons and expand diversity during the New Moon in Libra. It is possible for big vision and ideas to come in quickly while enjoying a social outing with friends or loved ones.

Transiting Venus in Libra begins to make a ‘square’ aspect to transiting Pluto in Capricorn. The potential is to deepen trust and squeeze out fears or pain that hold intimacy and harmony at bay or uncertainty around financial matters. There may be a deep longing to feel loved and valued. Take the opportunity to empower yourself and transform the limitation or perception which limits into creative freedom and powerful authentic expression. Where there is angst, there is an opportunity to rise into the light of healing.

The New Moon in Libra brings the wisdom and message of self-love and respect brings in a similar frequency from others. In other words, if you stand on a bridge of peace, love and grace, others will have to meet you at that level. It is a healthy foundation to base a relationship and allow it to mature and grow from there. Plant the ‘seed’ of a new emotional habit and nurture it until you see it expressing regularly in yourself and life.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Moon in Libra. May Grace and Life’s beauty inspire you.

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