Overview: Full Moon in Taurus November 12th, 2019

The full moon phase brings with it ‘illumination’ of that which has been in the deep caverns of the emotional level. The Full Moon in Taurus at 18 degrees brings our attention and awareness to the desire for stability and feeling at ease and settled in some way within the emotional level and day to day activities. What holds value? How are we able to value ourselves more and feel worthy? These are a few questions to ask during the time of the Full Moon in Taurus.

Take the opportunity to dig deeply into yourself and your inner resources. You may discover you are more than capable where you thought you were not. The Full Moon in Taurus reminds one that being “in and part of the physical body” is needed on the path to enlightenment and self-realization. There is potential to voice your desires in a way that brings greater prosperity and longevity.

The Full Moon in Taurus also reminds one to let go of “emotional attachments” to people, places, things and ideas that no longer hold value but become heavy and dense in weight. Attachments that are unhealthy create stagnation and bind one to energies that are not really life giving or organic. It is a good time to take stock and to inquire which fear keeps you attached longer than you need to be.

Few suggested intentions:
I AM Worthy
I AM valuable and recognize value in others and in life.
I choose to let go of unhealthy attachment to_________

Since the Collective Consciousness is on course to “wake up or awakening” in waves, the Full Moon in Taurus is a nice reset phase to examining resources, desires and attachments.

Thanks for reading! Happy Full Moon in Taurus

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