Jupiter transit through Capricorn – December 2019-2020

Jupiter enters the dynamic yet pragmatic sign of Capricorn on December 3rd, 2019 and will remain here for about a year until December 2020. There are many potentials of this transit, one being keeping only what is essential and application of integrity and self-mastery.

The planet Jupiter’s symbolism is that of exuberance and being jovial. The astrological sign of Capricorn is an earth element and cardinal mode of energy expression. Capricorn has excellent potential for delegating and seeing the steps to achieve long-term success.

Jupiter transiting through Capricorn symbolism suggests a serious tone: “cautious optimism or realistic expansion.” There will be key steps and perhaps many junctures where one needs be patient with the journey ahead. Earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn may really enjoy the practical vibes to plan, organize, sort and align.

There may be a magnified view on many big businesses, corporations, politics as well as guidelines, policies and procedures. It is very likely for major reorganizing and adjustment of structures for the purpose of long-term success based in integrity rather than selfish greed or corruption.

My perspective and suggestion to best work with the potential of Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn is this; be genuine and sincere with your efforts and work in a pragmatic way and there is richness and success that organically flows in from all of life. Jupiter in Capricorn suggests expressing with wisdom and maturity while appreciating Divine Timing in all dealings in the physical world.

There are no short cuts with this transit. There may be people who are expressing the off-balancing of Jupiter in Capricorn already by being negative, having angst or austere. In the beginning of a new astrological shift (transit), the first wave to surface is what needs transformation, healing and change. Hardship and suffering could create an open door for transformation and a profound learning as well as bring wisdom. Remaining powerless and unyielding will only expand needless suffering.

With Jupiter in Capricorn, we may begin to define things, situations, job, relationship in ways we had not in the past several years. The outline begins to take shape and form through many experiences. The path becomes more solid as we continue to trust in the higher Truth and perspective that life and the Divine/Soul/God/Source is in full support even if things appear bleak and dim.

Jupiter’s symbolism suggests expansion in Consciousness and Capricorn suggests maturity as well as integrity. It is time to move forward and take self-responsibility for self, life, work/business and one’s Soul path and purpose. There may be lessons and learning about humility, humbleness, accountability and self-reliance that is emphasized in all types of relationships as well as things in the outer world such as reputation, status, achievements and advancement. How will you take steps to materialize your vision into daily life? In which ways will you integrate and align Spiritually practice into daily life?

Surely, there may be somber moments and big doses of frustration yet, with all Astrological transits, there is both the potential and off-balance. It all depends on which the individual gives power, focus and attention to with actions to follow.

Spiritually, some individuals may go through periods of initiation for greater mastery and being of service to the highest good. I sense a change of roles, guardians or positions where we are able to step into being more self-reliant and in our inner authority.

It is a choice what or whom we align with as Jupiter makes it way through the sign of Capricorn. When we choose to align with Soul, the highest potential and that which carries purity and harmony, we are nourished in ways that is outside the normal range. Examine ingrained or dogmatic beliefs that no longer serve your path now. Anything that has become chronic and rigid may need to be transformed.

From my perspective, there may be a need for deep healing and transformation around what inhibits and restricts one from moving forward and aligning with success rather than accepting scraps. Some people tend to shy away from real change and self-responsibility when it comes to real core-level transformation that includes Ancestral, Cultural and Collective Consciousness levels. Yet, some patterns carried in a person plugs into these vast levels and require patience and deep commitment to restore harmony to.

Jupiter transiting through Capricorn suggests making time to be in solitude to organize energy, thoughts, emotions etc. as well as perseverance through obstacles and any alterations in timing. The climb up the mountain requires powerful commitment towards peak experience and attainment and thus Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn may emphasize areas where one’s commitment is on shaky ground or is non-existent due to past fears or Ancestral discord and other habits.

This transit meets up symbolically to the current “Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn” plus other planets which will be in Capricorn for shorter duration in early 2020. The New year holds the potential for steadfast growth and dynamic long-term success. It is best to focus on what the potential of Jupiter in Capricorn suggests rather than give power to articles on the internet that are instilling fear. Beyond the illusion of separation from the Divine, as Soul, there is beauty, harmony and success for all.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the steps up the symbolic mountain to recognize Spiritually the success that is within you as Soul.

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