Mars Retrograde in Gemini – Oct. 2022 to Jan. 2023 – Featured

The last two years has produced so much anxiety, nervous tension and drain energetically. It is imperative to restore one’s sense of personal power from the inner core rather than externally. Then the external shifts with the core Soul-level empowerment being the engine and fuel. Mars as a planetary cycle of development works with a two-two and a half year cycle for personal and business development. We are approaching the next Mars retrograde phase which begins later October 2022 into January 2023. This phase of development is an amazing opportunity to transform outdated perceptions, beliefs and thought-forms which impede success and achievement.

Mars in Gemini at its potential is clever, inquisitive and it at ease in acting with empowerment while adapting and being versatile. There is a desire to take action on clarity and to engage with others through witty conversations as well as sharing ideas which will inform, inspire and uplift. Mars in Gemini is brilliant at sharing a story to motivate and encourage action.

I encourage you to taking action now to get clarity and a plan of action to restore power and clarity so you may best utilize the cycles of development wherever the Mars retrograde phase will highlight and activate for you. It is time to reclaim your inner power so you are able to handle life with greater courage and objectivity.

If you are feeling anxious and scattered yet desire to restore your inner power and set some steps in motion now, then you may want to consider getting a Reading on Mars Retrograde in Gemini (Spiritual-Intuitive /Astrological Guidance). This type of reading will help you organize and plan ahead to navigate the waves and offer clarity on what to act on, when is it best to take action and how to restore your personal power and more..

Spiritual/Intuitive and Astrological Reading for MARS RETROGRADE IN GEMINI:

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