About Dipali Desai

Website: spheresofessence.com
Office Location: East Coast – USA // and Global

Dipali Desai is an internationally known spiritual teacher/facilitator, astrologer, intuitive, healer, inspirational speaker and author. She blends spiritual authentic intuitive guidance, grounded inspiration with practical wisdom in each consultation.

As a Intuitive/Astrologer she helps empower you on your path. She often helps you to find balance in both your personal and professionally so that you may be in harmony with all aspects of your life. The guidance she shares is stunningly accurate and helps empower you on your path in life on various life topics.

In writing the various articles and blog posts here on Celestial Space Astrology Blog, Dipali writes from a deep within the heart and Soul. She hopes the words will remind you of your empowerment and offer possibilities as you navigate the various life cycles of development and overall evolution. There is always a choice. Her perspective sheds light and helps a person be in touch with their highest potentials and this happens using the symbolic language of Astrology.

From her perspective, she takes any astrological configuration and then conveys it in a down to earth manner so that each person can personalize it into their own lives. Her hope is that when you read or listen to any of the writings it may be of value giving rays of light during times when you are walking in a fog or in the dark. She has helped people worldwide, from executives, doctors, celebrities, therapists and everyday people. Dipali has provided accurate insight and counsel for their most pressing need.

Blending Spiritual with Daily Life:
Dipali helps individuals to awaken to their higher potentials and reclaim their empowerment as well as offers guidance that is practical in nature. With her capacity as a clear channel, she has the ability to convey intuitive information with tact and directness. Dipali is a channel for the transmission of Enlightenment and Love or higher Spiritual Energy. This energy is the core essence and a part of all the Consultations, Teaching and Writing.

For more information about her educational background visit her website: spheresofessence.com