In-depth Intuitive Guidance

An in-depth Mentoring and coaching package for moving forward in all aspects of life with ease and clarity. Guidance that is potent, high quality and tailored to your unique needs.


Authentic :: Efficient :: Effective

After a Class, One to One Session or Astrological Consultation/Reading, many people choose to work with Dipali as their Intuitive Spiritual Coach and Mentor on a regular basis through this service. “Presence” Monthly guidance is designed to help you get move out of being stagnate, free from old pain, and offer clarity to be an active participant in your life and situation. Being in a repeated loop of loss, confusion and limitation creates a sense of powerlessness and knocks you out of alignment within yourself and potential. There are a limited amount of people that Dipali works with so that she is able to provide quality service to each client. This type of investment into your life, well-being and spiritual growth is extremely valuable.

Work with Dipali ….More details:   “PRESENCE” Indepth Intuitive Guidance

Feedback from Presence Mentoring Client:

In the last year I have made strides in my growth, awareness and confidence that I have not in the last twenty years on the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. With your compassionate yet precise guidance, I was able to go into areas that I was avoiding and didn’t know how to let go of with love. I thought I understood Spiritual concepts but now realize I didn’t even touch assimilating them into the rest of myself beyond my intellect though was wondering why nothing was changing in my life!! What an amazing realization. Even my fear of money has changed and I feel not only worthy but also I know that I had to go the extra mile and invest in myself to see something more abundant manifest inside and in my physical life. In addition, my relationships and work feel more rich and alive. New opportunities are presenting themselves and I am elated. No words can express my deepest appreciation and value for the work you do and what you share in each session. It is definitely a worthwhile investment into myself is all I can say.
~ Thank you. Warmest Wishes K. T