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Overview:  Monthly Astrology for May 2019

Written by Dipali

The month of May 2019 heralds a time of getting in touch with the natural world, Nature and the beauty in the surroundings. Even though there may be deep waves of grief, change and letting go, find ways to stay in alignment with moment of serenity and joy.

May 2nd – Mercury/Pluto suggests transforming stagnant ways of perceiving issues and limitation around independence. Go deeper and investigate with patience. Be sure to communicate and think with integrity now. Mercury/Jupiter suggests broadening horizons through being curious, education and higher knowledge. Motivate through using metaphors and optimistic words. Tell a story with visuals to activate the adventurous side.

May 4th – New Moon in Taurus 14 degrees. This suggests a time to sense the birthing of new seedlings both literally and metaphorically. Look at the fertile grounds in Nature. What is in bloom in your life? What new seed will you plant in your subconscious? The key is being steadfast to those seed(s) that are most valuable and long lasting. The New Moon in Taurus brings a message of slowing down to smell the roses and be in the present moment’s magic and endless possibilities.

May 5th – Mars/Jupiter suggests over-giving, spending or promising things yet faltering on delivery. Frustrations through ego clashes possible. The potential is to transform vital energy wherever it is stuck into productive outlets. There also potential for growth through interactions today. What will you learn about yourself? Have faith while keeping an eye on the bigger picture unfolding.

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