Pluto’s Transit to Personal Planets

The symbolic significance of Pluto in astrology, from my personal experience and perspective, is highly valuable. Life will never be the same after a Pluto transit to one of the personal planets or luminaries; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Let’s start with this: Planets in Astrology do not “cause” anything, they symbolize what is happening in Consciousness and provide a sophisticated language to express. Therefore, even Pluto’s symbolism suggests the “death and rebirth” of whatever and where ever the personal planet is situated in the Natal Chart (and area of life it symbolizes).

Power is a key element with Pluto.

First, old ways and behaviors of power may feel as if it is being stripped away. A powerlessness. Then when the core it touched, the core of the issue or pattern, then …[Click here read the entire article on my website’s blog]

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