Here are a few Comments, Experiences and Testimonials from Readers of the Blog/Website, Clients and Class Participants:

Your insight and honesty shook me to my core. Everything you said in the blog and over the phone resonated with me deeply and I’m starting to see the visions manifest. Thank you for your gifted perspective! — Julius H.


Thank you Dipali for your deep wisdom, divine guidance and open heart! You are amazing, I highly recommend that anyone looking for “Shift’,  perspective and  l ♥ ve   —  call Dipali for an appointment!!  — JB


Working with Dipali in a private session, I experienced a major shift and I’m ever so grateful. I would highly recommend attending her events or class and especially booking an appointment. From my experienced, it was such a valuable investment.


It amazes me how often the astrological posts Dipali writes about are so right on target! —


I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and find it to be very helpful and inspiring. I’m not allied to any system of belief or thought. Just trying to find my way through life and awakening in the process. Thank you so much. — B.C


 I just came across your website through Google search – Thank You Universe – in the search for information regarding the energies I’m feeling as we are approaching this full moon phase and also the 11-11-11, with all the crazy talk surrounding that date, and I am so pleased with the work that you put together and share on your website. It touched me right to my inner core and trust it’s what I needed at this very moment to direct me on a productive path. Thank you again.  —- Anna-Marie  H.


“Dear Dipali, please accept my humble greetings. I couldn’t help but comment on your outstanding writing style. There are many bloggers and writers on the net doing astrology columns, but your use of words, and your ability to convey powerful concepts in simple, direct terms make your posts very rewarding and inspiring. Thank you very much for your enormous contributions, and may all your endeavors thrive. Peace and Wellness to you and yours, Namaste, Haribol!”   —- Jim S.


“This is amazing! Your giving! It’s quality and generous nature and the depth of the above. Thanks.”    —- Suzanne M.


” I read astrology blogs and postings all the time but this one is excellent. You clearly explain HOW the astrological influences with impact us so well without getting us lost in astrological verbiage. Also, I love the meditation at the end. I needed something like this so much today, thank you and blessed full moon to you “ —- Suzie R.


“Dear Dipali,
Attending Classes with you shakes up my stuck perceptions and brings me clarity. Even though I live far away from where you are, the energy reaches deep into me and it feels as if I’m attending one of your local classes. Distance disappears. You help us return to the wisdom within. Thank you for the love, directness and compassion you express while teaching (helping us to remember who we are instead of begin stuck in repeating dramas in life). With Love —“


“I like the way Dipali expresses her knowledge of astrology “ —- Victoria. D


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If you would like to leave feedback, testimonial or your experience please use the comment form at the bottom of this page.

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