Astrology Consultations with Dipali Desai

Get insight into questions your most pressing questions about yourself, life, and much more during a Transformative Astrology Consultation with Dipali. She works with people from all walks of life and has an international client base. Her work serves to empower individuals and help them awaken to their higher potentials or authentic Self. She blends astrology, intuition and higher guidance which delivers a wealth of insight that is tailored to the individual’s needs.  The guidance is very similar to what you read on this Blog or the Website:

To Contact Dipali by Phone: Cherry Hill Office Telephone Number


Looking for an Instant Appointment by Telephone?

Use the Ether Call Button option.
If Dipali is logged in and the ether call button says she’s available then you can have instant appointment.  Be sure to follow the prompts via ether. Begin the appointment at



What is Transformative Astrology? [read more]

Inquire about Fees for a indepth Consultation – and for more info visit Dipali’s Website:

~ Natal (Birth) Chart

~ Transits (Current Trends) Chart

~ Solar Return Chart – (Birthday Reading for the Year)

~ Baby’s Light; Insight into Your Child

~ Relationship Guidance

It is suggested, to make best use of the session to be prepared with a focus or questions concerning your personal and spiritual growth. This branch of astrology and guidance session does not focus upon predictions or give information about others without their permission (who are not part of this exploration).

Session will Support:

* Acknowledge your real or authentic self
* Discover your innate strengths, weaknesses and gifts
* Navigate current cycles of opportunities, healing and challenges
* Deepen your awareness of current relationship processes
* Offers confirmation
* Gives direction during cycles of confusion or transition in life

– More Information on Consultations –


24 Hr. Cancellation Policy, Confidentiality, How to Set up, Fees, Payment Options, Method of Consultation [visit Dipali’s website:]

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