“More Bliss Please” – Neptune in Pisces on February 3rd, 2012

Neptune re-enters the mystical waters Pisces on February 3rd, 2012 and remains in this sign until approximately 2025. That is a long stay due to the fact that Neptune’s transits are slow moving.  What does the symbolism suggest? “More Bliss Please” or “Dissolve the Illusions, Will You?” or “Widen the capacity for Compassion, a Must Have.” These are all nice statements of Neptune in Pisces transit.

With great changes taking place upon the Earth and within the lives of many individuals, we need more bliss or expansion of love. We need a Cosmic dose of inspiration and Grace. Well, in reality it’s there all the time though we may receive new infusions so to speak. Perhaps now, with this shift we can open to receive and soak in the deliciousness and bliss that is flowing in subtle waves helping to remind us who we are and shake off the illusion of us being separate and only human.

We may want to be sure we experience real genuine bliss and not the fake form from any type of substance or alcohol. Go for the real deal, feel it without any mind altering drugs or substances. When you experience real bliss, you not want to substitute. Bliss isn’t a state to be captured, attached to and or clung to. Allow yourself to feel bliss when it arises and then allow it move like a wave. Remember that Bliss is our true nature. It is already within us, we are now preparing to access and expand more of bliss and joy, as Soul.

Neptune feels at home in the water sign of Pisces. To merge with the non-physical, into no-thing-ness.” It may sound scarey to people who do not want to lose control or are afraid of being nobody or no-thing. Let’s go one step further, with Neptune in Pisces,  we are asked to dive into the spiritual waters of the unified Self, the Oneness that underlies all of life. It’s like a symbolic Cosmic Web, shimmering gold and full of life. One strand sends out a ripple, and one small ripple influences the whole. Care we must for All beings upon the planet.

Neptune is at ease being in Pisces, so this symbolic partnership is valuable and can be easy to consciously flow with. Here we receive an opportunity to understand and remember what love without strings or conditions is all about. To listen to the ageless and timeless wisdom within the heart and use that wisdom in our daily life.

Yet, this is the very thing people tend to shun because it is irrational, risky and vulnerable all because one can’t control it. This renders the person feeling out of their comfort zone. Neptune in Pisces invites all of us to genuinely feel the love that we are, that is available to us from the Cosmos and Life itself. To then seek to express that love in all that we do. As with any outer planet transit, the effects and changes are long-term and world-wide.

Neptune in Pisces Potential:
What are things to focus upon while Neptune transits through Pisces? Spirituality, water or waterways, art, photography, writing (poems, channeling etc.), music, fashion, oil, drugs and alcohol, private behind the scenes things, institutions are in the spotlight during this phase.

Those individuals who have any planet situated near or early degrees 0-3 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius may acutely be noticing this this major shift of energy.  Yet, in one way or another we will all sense this somewhere. Neptune transits may not be the easiest to understand for sometimes the learning or process feel vague and confusing or it can be highly inspiring and expands the feeling of love and bliss. It will depend on what planet is being symbolically activated by Neptune in Pisces. (Check your Natal Chart for more details.) Dream a big dream rather than over-indulging in running away from and avoiding.

We are to take a good look at “materialism and “Spiritual materialism” and what it represents as well as how it impacts life. There may be surge of activity in people seeking out spiritual places (locations), classes, retreats and centers – looking to experience deep state of renewal. Or even seeking solace in a world of great transition and change so they can return to the peacefulness within. We also may want to realize the dangerous glamour of the astral/psychic realm and the hypnotic fascination around psychic abilities. We are naturally intuitive by nature. With expanding our psychic senses, comes great responsibilities and the care that must be taken to have ethics and guidelines.

We let go of the hard edge division of “I of egoic mind” and into the All is One, inter-connectedness feeling of unity. This deep realization occurs on a feeling level, the spiritual truth of our Essence as Soul experiencing a journey as a human upon the Earth. We are invited to expand our Consciousness and become aware of the other subtle dimensions. To learn to be ok within the realm of the Unknown or Mysterious.

For this is where the Universe works its magic of creation. To get to know ourselves beyond the physical body is to know our real identity as a vast Being, as Soul. The veil is pushed to the side so we can really experience, see, and express: compassion, love without conditions, joy and the bliss of our real nature. Our imaginations expands into new realms, intuition heightens and our ability to feel deeply increases.

We may want to explore:  What is compassion? And how is real compassion expressed? How do we honor the precious element of Water in our daily life? What small contribution can we do not to pollute or overuse but rather conserve it?

In Medical Astrology Pisces governs the feet; “The Walk in Life” we may feel the urge to walk upon the earth or stand in water. To walk around barefoot and without shoes is comforting to some. Neptune in Pisces we may see a trend being born to wear the sheerest, lightest and almost bare – upon our feet. An ethereal feeling as if our feet are floating upon shimmering clouds lifting us up to higher ground.

One key quality of Neptune’s symbolism is “dissolution” of boundaries, borders, divisions, illusions and definitions. You can’t fight it. The ego can’t and won’t really get it. The mind will be perplexed by it. We can’t even hold onto it with our hands. The dissolving happens subtly and dutifully until there is no-thing. Many things may dissolve in favor of Spiritual renewal, so let go and surrender into the Cosmic Waves. The heart will recognize it. Something new will arise from those sacred waters, refreshed and full of inspiration. When we let go of tightly held illusions, we may feel taken back by the truth of what is revealed. Just know will be better equipped with compassion and love to understand the bigger picture and move forward. Flow with the running water, over and around obstacles in life. Recognize the precious insights adversities bring and know it to be a part of evolving upon the path.

Off-Balance Key Themes with Neptune in Pisces:
Our illusions, delusions and escapist tendencies may become heightened. Instead of facing reality, we shun it in favor of a distorted fantasy and illusions. Over-sacrifice or the overuse of the martyr archetype may be noticeable. We may finally recognize the pollution happening within the Emotional level of the individual and collective as well as the Toxic waste polluting the Waterways upon the Earth (Oceans, rivers, seas, etc.) It is possible to see how people and children are “numb” from taking drugs and artificial substances for  a quick fix to health-life related problems. We may see some “not so not easily diagnosed” diseases or infections emerging.

The symbolic Spiritual Light Rays of Neptune in Pisces gives way for revelation and birthing of new types of technology (more intuitive based), subtle energy healing,  inspirational ideas and ways to permanently heal some diseases. We may even see how Meditation offers the way to “anti-aging” and reverse the aging effects as well as offer to help with longevity in life-span. Children being born with Neptune in Pisces (Note: not all of them will make this a reality)will potentially be a generation of  of highly sensitive, refined, full of imagination or inspiration. They will be attuned to the subtle spiritual realms. We must take great care in guiding these children to find balance living upon the physical level of reality.

There can be so much more written about this transit and perhaps it will be in other future blog posts and articles. You get the picture of this transit. And we can all benefit from the potential of Neptune in Pisces if we work with the energy consciously.  Where will Neptune in Pisces transit influence you? Find out!

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