Overview: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries – September 27th, 2015

The Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries on September 27th, 2015 may have that extra “zing” and even a bite to it, possibly activating some emotional turbulence as well as revealing discord. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries may require direct action for energies to shift. No time for coddling, lolly gagging or indecision now. In the lunar cycle, this Full Moon is known as the Harvest or Blood Moon. The color red or red-orange is befitting to the sign of Aries.

What you see in your life today is due to either conscious or unconscious symbolic seeds you may have planted and nurtured within the subconscious, in the past. If you don’t care for or like what is happening in yourself or life, take bold action to change it so you reap a different harvest in the future. It is simple.

Full moon phases tend to illuminate what is hidden or tucked away within the emotional level and subconscious. This is valuable for healing and growth. You can do all the rituals you want, create all the affirmations and ceremonies you can think of, yet if you are not slowing down to feel through the emotions, to really empty out – the rituals, ceremonies or techniques are only half working, if at all. You see, the key to a full moon and lunar eclipse is to feel it all, as intense or potent as it may be. Be there for yourself through the discomfort. Move through the emotional muck to get to a more clear space. Then those clear feelings help with rituals and ceremonies with greater flow and ease.

Blending Opposites

With the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries, symbolizing the full moon, the potential here is to harmonize the I and WE Consciousness. To embrace being assertive and cooperative so that all parties involved feel at peace and are honored as best as possible. The astrological sign of Aries is a fire element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. This sign is ready for the adventure and has the potential courage to face any adversity and obstacle. It has a more direct and assertive quality to it when it is expressing at the highest level possible. The sign of Aries at its potential may activate, motivate and create fiery sparks to handle things in a straightforward manner. As we combine the Libra/Aries axis under the Full Moon in Aries, the key potential is: to be confident, straightforward, honest, loving and graceful when addressing issues or relating to self and others. “Express with grace under pressure and act with compassion” is a wonderful way to work with the energies arising now.

Lunar Eclipse Symbolism

Then we add another layer to this, which is the Lunar Eclipse symbolism. This is the second part of the pair of the Eclipses this month (Solar Eclipse in Virgo was on Sept. 13th). What do Lunar Eclipses symbolize in astrology? Certainly not fear, rather, it is about closure, endings, letting go, emptying out, clearing away, finalizing. The emphasis on this Lunar Eclipse in Aries is on what is being nurtured, balanced relationships or not and emotional awareness.

The Lunar Eclipse tends to symbolically super-charge the full moon energy. It will turn up the volume of emotions and highlight the issue that needs to be felt through and processed. You may feel like you are losing the grip on controlling your temper or anger, so allow for a private safe space to move through it. Unconscious aggression could be projected onto someone or an issue. Immature reactions could do damage and create a shut down rather than an open dialogue.  A better approach to handling the energies now is to consciously direct the adrenaline and fiery energy to directly address the person or issue so that it can move towards greater harmony. Motivate yourself to take responsibility for your own unresolved emotions and allow others to do the same.

What are a few examples of endings or closure under this potent Full Moon phase?

It is possible for an ending of a certain type of relationship (business or personal) or the way in which a relationship functions.  The relationship where the giving and receiving is out of balance will be evident. It may be about letting go of a stale emotional habit that goes against your healing and growth. It may be a realization of the pattern of co-dependency in a relationship and the time has come to break away from it or heal and be more independent.

Another possibility during this time, may be learning to work with your anger in a healthier way and expressing your assertiveness more frequently. Sometimes the closure or endings happen through your choice and other times it may occur due to a series of life events that feel sudden. Why does this happen?  To wake you up. Perhaps you are dragging your feet or stuck in limbo regarding making a clear-cut decision and taking action.

During the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries, it’s even possible that there may be a feeling of being out of control or powerless, whether it is presently occurring or due to an old issue from the past. More than likely, it is something from the past rising up again that needs closure or a clear choice. It is wise to watch the level of reactions and angry outbursts, meaning do not project your emotions onto others during this time. Be careful not to become overly impulsive and quick triggered. Gather all the facts and information and then take charge to make a decision.

Full Moon in Aries Intentions:
“I AM bold and assertive” “I AM willing to take action.” “I AM decisive and direct.”

Sit quietly to contemplate or in meditation. Ask your Soul to show you whatever is hidden within you, whatever emotions that require acknowledgment and that needs to be addressed. Be open and receptive to whatever flows in.

Wishing each of you a Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries. May you feel the confidence and passion to move forward with ease.

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